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Christy Hill residents protest Peninsula Power plans

A second copy of the group's petition, with 23 signatures by nearby residents, was presented at the Peninsula Power meeting. It read, "We, the undersigned, hereby inform you of our opposition to the wind turbine project that is being planned for a location near our residences." Following nearly two hours of discussion and debate, [resident Pete] Douvarjo said he "did not feel this is even close to being resolved.
21 Aug 2010

Ragged Mountain wind power concerns

Dear citizens of Camden, Rockport and Hope, there are and will be better ways to "go green" than permanently destroying what we have inherited in Ragged Mountain. Maine has a wealth of resources, including water. We encourage you to consider the alternatives before causing irreparable changes.
19 Aug 2010

Wind-turbine sections squeeze through 1935 Rumford bridge

Maine State Police troopers were escorting a huge wind-turbine tower section through both towns when the convoy met a steel truss bridge built in 1935 over the Androscoggin River on Route 108. ...He said Southern Tier Express is only hauling two complete wind turbine towers through Maine to Iowa in this job.
19 Aug 2010

Maine should examine how it handles data

"There was a lot of 'Here, here, here and here' and 'No, no, and no,' " according to task force member Rep. Stacey Fitts, R-Pittsfield. A Maine Audubon Society member said the process involved a lot of, "I want this in, I want this out." So, two years later, Maine is left with a map and only hazy recollections of how it came to be.
17 Aug 2010

State wants $36,000 for public records on wind energy

As part of its reporting on the Wind Energy Act of 2008, the Maine Center for Public Interest Reporting filed a state public records request under Maine's Freedom of Access Act, called a FOAA request. However, the Center never received much of the material it requested from the state because the cost was prohibitive: $36,239.52.
16 Aug 2010

Rollins Mountain appeal rejected

The group's appeal to the appeals board could have proceeded had just one Friends member been identified as legally responsible for group actions or alleged that he or she would "suffer some injury to a pecuniary interest or personal right" if the appeal was not heard, the justices said.
13 Aug 2010

Open access to paperless records

Schalit sought e-mails from 2005 to 2007 between Adams and First Wind, between Adams and Baldacci (for whom he had previously worked as legal counsel), and between Adams and several wind power attorneys employed by Verrill Dana. Given Adams' role as PUC chairman, his close ties to Baldacci and subsequent employment with First Wind, the requested documents would seem germane to the public's interest in the deliberations of the governor's wind power task force.
13 Aug 2010

State's push for offshore wind energy intensifies

The design process beginning this summer will eventually lead to a pilot project of floating wind turbines tethered in water at least 200 feet deep and between 20 and 50 miles offshore in the Gulf of Maine's blustery waters. Engineers will work from three basic concepts for designing the platforms that will hold the towers and power-generating turbines with the signature spinning blades.
8 Aug 2010

Wind power bandwagon hits bumps in the road

LURC Commissioner Ed Laverty summed up the problem with the bill: "Our job is to protect the resources in these high mountain areas ... given the fragile nature, and the rich nature of the resources in these areas, we have to ask ourselves, to what extent can these benefits really outweigh the long-term costs?
6 Aug 2010

LURC to allow Transcanada to amend wind project plans

Transcanada is now in the process of adding twenty-two more turbines to the twenty-two that are already up and running on Kibby Mountain ...It appeared that LURC Commissioners were ready to vote it down after the last hearing. Since then Transcanada announced plans to amend its proposal to build eleven turbines.
4 Aug 2010

Carthage awaiting land ownership determination

Selectmen are taking a wait-and-see attitude on a 320-acre parcel believed to be town-owned while they wait for a legal decision on the land's ownership. At issue are the so-called town lots adjacent to the site of a proposed wind-turbine project along Saddleback Mountain ridge.
4 Aug 2010

It's prime time to clear the Saco skyline

Saco has been sidestepping and apologizing for the wind turbine's weak production since shortly after it was installed. Because of the poor siting, the turbine has reportedly produced only 27,545 kilowatt hours, or about $3,900 worth of revenue, since its installation in February 2008.
30 Jul 2010

Saco finds turbine is a turn for the worse

The turbine, which cost $207,000, including $77,000 for the installation, went into operation in February 2008. It was supposed to generate 90,000 kilowatt hours -- $12,600 worth -- of electricity annually for 10 years, according to the city's contract with Entegrity Wind Systems of Prince Edward Island. But it never came close.
21 Jul 2010

Wind development opponents meet

She said the Maine Department of Environmental Protection is slated to make a decision on the Woodstock project by Aug. 6. Then, she said a group in her town will appeal that decision. Those who support wind power, such as Frank Hutchinson of Carthage, believe wind farms should be built on flat land or out to sea
21 Jul 2010

Saco councilors to decide whether to take down wind turbine

Cities and towns around Maine have been looking at wind power as a cleaner, less expensive alternative to oil. The question is whether turbines that capture wind on mountain ridges also have a place in denser, more populated locations at lower elevations. Saco city councilors will take up the issue tonight, when they discuss whether to take down an underperforming wind turbine installed on Saco Island in 2008.
19 Jul 2010

Wind not the answer

There are many ways to conserve energy without jeopardizing the traditional economy of Maine (such as tourists and "sports" at Grand Lake Stream) with visual scars, low frequency bombardments and large power cost increases that discourage businesses.
14 Jul 2010
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