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LURC hears pros, cons on rezoning for new wind project

Campbell said that if the Land Use Regulation Commission allows the reclassification of nearly 700 acres of Washington County timberland as a fast-track zone for industrial wind-site development, the commission would be creating a potential compromise of the goals it set in its own Comprehensive Land Use Plan.
23 Sep 2010

Wind matters take over selectmen's meeting

Selectmen have yet to decide what action, if any, they will take on a petition outlining a proposed wind ordinance for their town. The petition, signed by 28 Carthage voters, was presented at the last board meeting by resident Alice Barnett.
21 Sep 2010

Wind will not displace other forms of power

To justify the destruction of Maine's landscapes with his wind turbines, Angus King repeats the familiar claim that "there would be a 1-to-1 reduction in greenhouse gases because existing plants would be throttled back whenever the turbines are in operation." This is simply not true.
19 Sep 2010

Wind turbine project eyed

Alan Michka is a resident of Lexington Township and is chairman of the board of the organization the Friends of the Highland Mountains, which was formed in opposition to a proposed 48-turbine wind-generation project located west of Moscow, in Highland Plantation. He said that at this stage, people in Bingham should be concerned about not having a turbine-related ordinance.
19 Sep 2010

Group pushes to halt wind projects

Blake said the state law requiring such proposals to be reviewed in no more than 270 days "has opened the floodgates to development of industrial wind sites across ridgelines from New Hampshire to the Canadian border. It has provided favoritism to this one particular industry that other industries don't have."
17 Sep 2010

Proposed wind energy development ordinance goes to voters

If a turbine had a maximum sound level of 115 decibels, it would be set back 37,584 feet from a property line, according to the ordinance. The distance increases with the number of turbines proposed. The ordinance is designed to acknowledge the property owner's rights but not interfere with the rights of neighbors, Trafton said.
16 Sep 2010

Three wind-related questions to face Dixfield residents; selectman considers resigning

Selectmen Norine Clarke and Steve Donahue have been working on the 29-page wind ordinance for nearly a year. Among the major components is a 4,000-foot setback from occupied structures, and a noise limit of 45 decibels during the night and 55 decibels during the day. ...On the question calling for a ban on wind power development, all four selectmen voted in favor of placing it on the November ballot.
15 Sep 2010

Maine wind proponents misinformed

If Highlanders put their faith in the owner of Independence Wind, they are choosing to trust a man who either knowingly tells untruths or doesn't know enough about his subject to speak with any degree of expertise. It's easy to spread misinformation when no one challenges you on it. It's easy to spread feel-good propaganda when your listeners are easily led. But those days are over.
15 Sep 2010

Residents renew Rollins Mountain complaints

Heeding a call from residents alarmed at news that three Vinalhaven wind turbines had exceeded noise regulations, Town Councilor Michael Ireland called on fellow councilors Monday to withhold a building permit from the developers of the proposed $130 million Rollins Mountain wind project.
15 Sep 2010

PUC: Sorry for that $36,000 e-mail charge

The Maine PUC has apologized for asking a journalism organization for $36,000 to see e-mails of the commission's former chairman. ...The center published an in-depth story about former PUC Chairman Kurt Adams leaving his state job to take a top position with First Wind. The requested e-mails were part of the research into a possible second story.
11 Sep 2010

Inaccurate criticisms

My colleagues and I at the Maine Center for Public Interest Reporting are happy to take criticism of what we write. We hope our stories about Maine government provoke debate, which is an essential component of a robust democracy.
7 Sep 2010

Bowers Mountain wind farm gets commission approval

First Wind is proposing a 700-acre, 26-turbine wind farm about eight miles south of the Stetson Mountain project. The new area will straddle the Washington and Penobscot county border and is just north of Pleasant Lake in Kossuth Township. First Wind will submit a permit for the project to the state's Land Use Regulation Commission this fall.
3 Sep 2010

‘Infected with the virus of wind-energy sprawl'

Two more associated towers are to be located in Concord, the next township to the east. My town is now among the unfortunate that have been infected with the virus of wind-energy sprawl. Industry activity, lately, has been substantial in our area and our town lies within the new expedited permitting zone. It was bound to happen.
2 Sep 2010

First Wind considering new town to get farm project off the ground

In Eastbrook, First Wind representatives have been attending meetings held by the town's comprehensive plan committee to develop an ordinance that would regulate the local development and operation of wind farms. Fowler said the company has been there to observe the proceedings and to gauge the local level of support for wind power development.
2 Sep 2010

Building permit for wind farm spurs challenge

Attorney Lynne Williams of Bar Harbor, who represents Lincoln property owners Harry Epps and Mary Beth Nolette, has notified Lincoln Code Enforcement Officer Jerry Davis that if he issues a building permit, she will appeal it under a local ordinance that allows aggrieved parties to legally challenge decisions by town officials.
25 Aug 2010

Town ownership of land challenged

The land ownership claim is by the Warwick Potter Residuary Trust of 1974, whose trustee is William A. Potter of Acton, Mass. According to a quit-claim deed signed by William Potter on July 27, 2010, the rights and title of the property were turned over to Friends of Maine's Mountains. No financial compensation is listed on the document. Potter could not be reached for comment.
24 Aug 2010

Blinded by the wind

We can transform the electric power grid system to accommodate wind power, but at great cost and huge risk to reliability. But the real question is why are we mandating a controversial energy source with no proven efficacy when it will not become viable until we have economically viable electricity sequestration?
24 Aug 2010
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