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Group moving ahead with Clifton wind farm

“This is not done,” resident Peter Beckford said Wednesday. “That vote didn’t approve the project,” he said, noting that the developers of the proposed wind farm still must obtain permits from the town and the Maine Department of Environmental Protection, as well as project financing.
4 Nov 2010

First Wind cancels plans to go public

After months of preparation, First Wind abruptly canceled its plans to go public after its stock failed to launch within the price range the company was seeking. ...But William Downes, a Cape Elizabeth financial analyst, said he's skeptical First Wind will be able to attract the needed capital. ...Unless Shaw and Dearborn put in more money, or First Wind finds a buyer, Downes said, the company could go under.
29 Oct 2010

Camden wind prospects blow away

In the absence of four applicants who might have an open mind on the issue, the board agreed to take no action at this time. They thanked the towns of Hope and Rockport, as well as those who volunteered to serve on the work group.
27 Oct 2010

Big wind will do anything

Now we have a landowner demanding that citizens vote against the proposed wind ordinance in Rumford or else the trails on their property will be closed. I would like to point out that the wind industry is relying on the old military tactic of divide and conquer.
24 Oct 2010

Energy developer to start stock sale

The industry's rapid growth has been sapped this year by the economic downturn, and by low natural gas prices that have driven down wholesale electricity costs and made wind less competitive. Installed capacity is off 71 percent from last year, down to 2007 levels, according to the American Wind Energy Association.
24 Oct 2010

Carthage residents pose questions about wind farm

The sessions featured several stations with a variety of experts who work for Patriot Renewables LLC prepared to answer questions ranging from the impact on birds and bats to the sound of turbines. The public informational meeting was required as part of the permitting process.
19 Oct 2010

40-turbine wind project under way

The statute allows for industrial wind projects to be fast-tracked through the state permitting process in exchange for project proponents' providing tangible benefits for their host communities, which, besides tax revenue, could include everything from scholarships to community parks. The law, Blake said, "has essentially opened the floodgates to this industry, ruining the landscape of rural Maine from New Hampshire to Canada."
18 Oct 2010

Rockport supports Ragged Mountain committee, postpones appointments

"I think I'm tipping my hat to my bias," board member Dale Landrith said. He said that potential energy cost savings of 5 to 10 percent estimated from such a project did not justify the potential environmental damage. "I don't see why we're even pursuing this," he said to a scattering of applause from the two-dozen or so audience members.
13 Oct 2010

Protesters greet wind company open house

Protesters are concerned about more than simply not-in-my-backyard factors. They are angry about permanently ruining the views near the Bigelow Mountains and the Appalachian Trail. The wind farm project investors and partners receive tax breaks and federal energy grants, but most Maine taxpayers and ratepayers won't see any benefits.
12 Oct 2010

First Wind opens office in Rumford

First Wind's Longfellow project instantly created a rift between pro- and anti-wind residents in Rumford. Voters enacted and then extended a moratorium on such projects to develop a law regulating such development. ...First Wind polled 175 Rumford residents by phone to learn whether they favored the Longfellow project. Lamontagne declined to reveal what they learned.
7 Oct 2010

Carter to speak on mountaintop industrial wind power

"Some environmentalists have been drawn into believing that if you are not for covering the mountains of Maine with wind turbines, then you are acting against the unfolding disaster of climate change. ...The industrial wind mountaintop frenzy sweeping across Maine is not tied to shutting down an oil or coal power plant."
5 Oct 2010

Friends of Lincoln Lakes renews legal challenge to wind project

The Friends group wrote, fears Rollins will have the same alleged violations of state noise regulations found at the three-turbine wind site on the midcoast island of Vinalhaven. "Given the recent findings regarding noise production by the same make and model of turbines that will be used at Rollins, we believe there is a credible basis for the BEP to revoke or suspend Evergreen's license."
30 Sep 2010

Anti-wind ballot question meets resistance

The question asks whether residents favor zoning the Colonel Holman Mountain ridge and Sugarloaf Mountain starting at 1,000 feet elevation so no commercial or industrial development, except for logging and communication towers, can take place.
28 Sep 2010

Regional committee working on wind power regulations

Since July, officials and townspeople from Bethel, Greenwood, Hanover, Newry and Woodstock have met five times as the Regional Wind Power Committee to create and review a document with which to regulate wind farms. ..."The goal for everybody here, is for when a wind power person shows up at our doors that we have an answer for them."
24 Sep 2010

Jonesport, Lubec wind farm plans gain supporters

KEAN Energy LLC, a Turner-based renewable power company, is proposing two small-scale wind farms Down East, one in Jonesport and the other in Lubec. ...Residents have been promised at least a 10 percent reduction in their electricity bills and a major infusion of tax dollars.
23 Sep 2010
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