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Maine regulators nix Emera’s bid for new Aroostook County power line

With the decision Tuesday, the commissioners decided to move into a second phase in the case, considering the longer-term questions about the northern Maine regional grid. That includes whether there’s any benefit to ratepayers from connecting transmission lines in the area to the New England power grid, something that wind developers in the area might seek in order to reach the regional ISO-New England market.
15 Sep 2015

Boost for Northern Pass partners?

The six New England governors, working with the New England States Committee on Electricity (NESCO) and regional grid operators, have launched a process under which Northern Pass partners may be able to acquire substantial ratepayer funding and eminent domain powers for the controversial plan to bring hydroelectricity from Quebec into New England.
24 Jun 2014

CMP wants Mainers who generate their own power to pay more

When those customers are generating power from their own energy sources, they’re not buying power from CMP, thereby reducing the company’s revenue. CMP wants to charge those customers a special rate to reflect the fact that even though they aren’t buying power all the time, they expect CMP to provide them with reliable distribution service. It’s an issue in other states, too, as power companies adapt to increasing power generation “behind the meter,” on-site by small-scale producers.
11 Mar 2014

NE States split over power line cost sharing

Federal regulators are being asked to resolve a regional rift over who should pay for new power lines needed to carry renewable electricity to southern New England. Vermont has joined New Hampshire and Rhode Island to oppose the cost-sharing formula being promoted by Massachusetts, Connecticut and Maine. ...the more populated states are trying to offload much of the cost of the new power projects on other states in New England.
18 Dec 2013

Northeast Utilities plans additional transmission to meet capacity needs

"We think that it is likely there will be significant additional transmission investment needed to maintain reliability and improve access to these clean, intermittent power sources," Lee Olivier, executive vice president and chief operating officer, said in an earnings call Friday. "But it is too early to estimate how much that additional investment will be and exactly when it will occur."
1 Nov 2013

Inadequate transmission lines keeping some Maine wind power off the grid

Wind companies knew about these constraints when they built the plants. Upgrading transmission lines will take money, and that will come from ratepayers. It's too soon to say how much the upgrades would cost. But the investors in wind farms still make money, even if the power isn't sold on the grid, because of how these projects are financed and the rates companies have negotiated for their energy.
4 Aug 2013

CMP, producers at odds over new system

CMP may have promoted wind power benefits as a way to encourage then-Gov. John Baldacci to support the project and neutralize environmental critics, according to Andrew Landry, who represents some renewable power producers. "For the Baldacci administration, renewables was a hot-button topic," he said. "But in hindsight, the benefits weren't there."
13 May 2012

CMP's Lewiston line plan zapped by state panel

"CMP has not met its burden of proof in this case," PUC Commission Chairman Jack Cashman said in a written statement. "The utility has not shown to my satisfaction through comprehensive testing or analysis that construction of the Lewiston Loop project is the most cost-effective means of addressing power reliability needs in the Lewiston area."
2 Mar 2011

Power line project faces challenges in California valley

Although the line won approval from the United States Forest Service, the federal Bureau of Land Management and the State of California after the utility submitted an 11,000-page environmental impact statement, neighbors and wilderness advocates have filed lawsuits challenging those decisions. Opponents argue that the transmission line is not mainly about renewable energy.
28 Nov 2010

Proposed underwater powerline would stretch from Searsport to Boston

The developer of a proposed underwater transmission line from Searsport to Boston is pressing the need for the New England Region to tap the full wind power potential of Northern Maine. The so-called Greenline project would include the installation of a 140 mile undersea cable carrying electricity from Maine down to the high demand markets to the south.
30 Jul 2010

Power struggle at packed meeting in Farmingdale

If a community feels strongly enough about burying lines in a certain area, then Central Maine Power Co. representatives will talk with them -- if they are willing to pay for the additional cost. That was one of the messages from CMP officials during a Planning Board meeting Tuesday evening in front of an overflow crowd at Town Hall.
30 Jun 2010

CMP plan to be aired

Many residents, even those who do not own property abutting the golf course, were upset the Planning Board did not hold a public meeting and invite CMP representatives to discuss the plan. Carroll said many of the towns where CMP has had to apply for construction permits held meetings so people could ask questions and find out more about the project.
29 Jun 2010
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