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Peru wind panel discusses state regs

Cassida said DEP now requires developers to make demonstrations during the length of the project to determine sound level compliance, which they didn't do with the Mars Hill project. In that 2001 project, DEP OK'd a variance to 50 decibels without realizing that it would adversely affect people. "If I could turn back time, I'd require that we do that differently," he said.
10 Feb 2011

Peru wind panel discusses state regs

Members of the town Wind Turbine Ordinance Committee and residents gained insight Wednesday night into how state regulations govern wind farms. They also learned that should they develop an ordinance that's more restrictive than Maine Department of Environmental Protection permitting rules for such development, if the two compare apples to apples, DEP will apply the stricter regulations when considering a developer's application.
10 Feb 2011

Temple considers wind energy moratorium

Voters will decide on a wind energy moratorium at their March 7 town meeting. The moratorium would give the town time to prepare an ordinance to cover any potential development of wind farm projects. A committee of about a dozen residents formed Monday to discuss how to handle potential future projects in a way that best protects the town.
9 Feb 2011

Proposed wind power ordinance limitations debated

"I want to encourage the town to make it a little stricter and adapt a 30-decibel limit," Knapp said. He cited the examples of noise complaints at Mars Hill and Vinalhaven's wind power turbine projects. And, he noted that the town of Phillips, which passed at last town meeting a comprehensive wind power zoning ordinance that, in part, was guided by a sound engineer's study and advice, has a noise limit set at 25 decibels."
8 Feb 2011

Energy group funded via state agency hired mostly Dem lawmakers, activists

"One has to wonder if this was a truly nonpartisan independent group that was working on behalf of lowering energy costs," said Levinthal, "or if this was a political vehicle for the Democratic Party. "If an organization such as this is stacked with people who are clearly very active in one party and members of a certain party, you might be scratching your head if you're a Republican or independent as well."
7 Feb 2011

Brooksville enacts wind power moratorium, energy conservation ordinances

Brooksville voters enacted two energy-related ordinances in a special town meeting on January 27. The meeting lasted less than 20 minutes. The first ordinance established a 180-day moratorium on wind power development. The second authorized residents to participate in a federal/state loan program to finance energy efficiency improvements to their buildings.
3 Feb 2011

Woodstock wind farm up for appeal

Those appealing the wind project claim that such a project would have adverse affects on the area's economy, particularly as it relates to tourism. The appeal also lists objections to noise, shadow flicker, strobe lights, tree removal, potential dangers to birds and animals and a variety of other possible problems. This project is one of four Patriot Renewables LLC of Quincy, Mass., is planning for the Western Maine area.
3 Feb 2011

Against the Wind

For people who believe one of Maine's highest conservation priorities should be the preservation of the state's unorganized territories as the timberlands and outdoor-recreational lands they have traditionally been - and I count myself among those people - the greatest threat to the North Woods is large-scale development of any kind.
1 Feb 2011

Freedom tries to assess value of wind farm

Wind project developer Beaver Ridge Wind LLC says it overpaid about $14,000 in property taxes in 2010 because assessors overstated the value of its land. In the first known request of its kind by a wind developer in the state, the company has asked that its property with three turbines be valued at nearly $1.4 million less than its current assessed value.
19 Jan 2011

Editorial undercounts the costs, oversells the benefits of wind

It's well-documented and accepted - even among developers - that wind projects create very few permanent jobs. Big Wind and its media allies gloss over this fact and make the argument that economic activity "no matter how brief" justifies permanent degradation of our state's most valuable natural assets. There's nothing that sells a bad idea like the promise of economic salvation.
12 Jan 2011

A difficult choice on the horizon

Sitting at his kitchen table, Staton unfolded a recent column from The Wall Street Journal. It was about how T. Boone Pickens, the billionaire energy investor, had backed away from wind investments in favor of natural gas. "Common sense tells me that this country is subsidizing anything that says ‘green,' and if it wasn't for the subsidy, wind wouldn't work," he said.
9 Jan 2011

How It Works: Wind won't blow all the time, even in Maine winter

The concept of heating with the wind, and reducing Maine's dependence on imported oil, is an appealing one. But it's not as simple as hooking up homes to spinning turbines. The Highland Wind project offers a glimpse of how the proposal would work technically, and also a sense of its limitations. Highland Wind LLC is offering residents of Highland Plantation $6,000 grants for energy options that include the installation of electric thermal storage heaters.
9 Jan 2011

Wind farm developer scales back plans

Independence Wind, the Brunswick-based developer responsible for the Highland Wind project, announced Tuesday it would reduce the number of turbines planned for mountaintops near the Appalachian Trail and Bigelow Preserve.
29 Dec 2010

Site plan appeal denied by Woodstock

Snow, who lives in Bethlehem NH but owns property by Shagg Pond in Woodstock, had filed an appeal, alleging conflicts of interest on the part of various Planning Board members and that the Planning Board lacked authority to grant a waiver of the town's noise ordinance.
29 Dec 2010

Highland Wind developers offer scaled-back project--with a twist

The new application includes $750,000 for land conservation, gives the state a permanent easement prohibiting windpower development on the highest peak and reduces the number of turbines to 39. King says those remaining will be further away from Bigelow and the trail. ..."This is no compromise," Jonathan Carter says. "Angus and Rob's new application is simply an attempt to salvage a project which was ill-conceived."
28 Dec 2010

We've been sold a bill of goods about wind

Citizens opposing the plan to install 360 miles of turbines across Maine are made to look like selfish people whose only concern is their view. But now the huge cost of this plan is coming to light. Now the health issues are being exposed as our neighbors suffer from long-term exposure to low frequency noise. Now DEP sound standards are being proven as inadequate for turbines' unique noise.
26 Dec 2010

Wind ‘not dependable,' reserve power needed

Once again the "wind facts" get distorted by the press. In the newspaper's Dec. 19 issue, another story was written as if it were the truth. It was stated that 1 megawatt of wind energy would power 750 to 1,000 homes. One might be impressed by that ratio - if it were true.
24 Dec 2010
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