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Rural Mainers seek wind-power limits

More than 10 bills have been proposed by legislators to make permitting standards more strict, provide recourse for those whose property values might be diminished by nearby turbines, and create a code of ethics for developers.
28 Mar 2011

Law Court rejects appeal of Oakfield wind site permit

In a ruling this week that echoed its earlier rejection of an appeal filed against a wind project in Lincoln, the Maine Supreme Judicial Court rejected all arguments made by attorneys for the Martha A. Powers Trust and Brian Raynes against the Maine Board of Environmental Protection. The trust appealed a Maine Department of Environmental Protection permit.
26 Mar 2011

Be scientists, not politicians

Our quality of place is being attacked one mountain at a time. Our natural resources are our future and our economy, way beyond the 20 years the turbines will be there. I want our state agencies to represent OUR best interest, not the developer's. ...Is the Department of Environmental Protection in existence to pave the way for corporate industrial development or to protect the State of Maine through sound science and good judgment? Be scientists, not politicians!
23 Mar 2011

Frankfort proposed for 10 megawatt wind project

Most of the 100-plus people who crowded the Frankfort Elementary School cafeteria for the introductory meeting wanted to let the representatives from Eolian Renewable Energy know that they have grave concerns about the noise, shadow flicker, property value changes and other problems.
17 Mar 2011

More questions arise for Carthage wind project

The Board of Environmental Protection plans to hold hearings on the noise issues surrounding the construction and operation of wind turbines for all proposed wind projects sometime in May. Action on the Carthage proposal had originally been set for April.
15 Mar 2011

New Vineyard OKs wind-farm regulations

Not one of the approximately 70 people in Smith Memorial Hall opposed adopting the ordinance. The ordinance is similar to those adopted in other towns across Maine. Wind-energy projects have to meet local rules and gain town Planning Board approval to move forward.
13 Mar 2011

Record Hill project gets preliminary OK on financing

The U.S. Department of Energy announced Thursday they have issued a conditional $102 million loan guarantee to cover a portion of the cost of constructing the Record Hill LLC wind project. ...The loan guarantee is in addition to an anticipated $70 million from the U.S. taxpayer in the form a Section 1603 cash grant.
11 Mar 2011

Wind farm developer offers $120,000 to save teaching jobs

Presson said the project coordinator, Tom Carroll, attended a few meetings of the school's Parents-Teachers Association, and asked if there was anything the company could do to work with the community. ..."We'd be happy to help out, basically, if we can go forward with our wind project for Woodstock this spring," Presson said.
5 Mar 2011

Report says wind power has given jobs boost

The industry is trying to assert the value of commercial wind energy in the face of growing criticism from vocal, well-organized opponents. The jump in petroleum prices is providing new talking points for advocates ...But that argument, and the economic benefits Colgan cited, overlook the high cost to taxpayers and electric ratepayers, according to Chris O'Neil, a spokesman for Friends of Maine's Mountains.
4 Mar 2011

Selectmen to develop wind ordinance

Selectmen on Thursday scheduled a workshop on a wind turbine ordinance, which will go to voters in June. The workshop will be held at 6 p.m. Feb. 24. Board members discussed whether to have an ordinance similar to one developed by a special wind ordinance committee last year, or to follow Maine State Planning Office regulations on such development.
18 Feb 2011

Brewster passes on wind turbines

After sitting through a grueling public hearing last week, at which more than 100 people testified, and sifting through 1,500 pages of documents submitted both pro and con on building two large municipal wind turbines off Freemans Way, the planning board Wednesday night wrestled with whether the project conformed to conditions laid out in the municipal turbine bylaw.
17 Feb 2011

Anti-wind power activists chart course at Freeport summit

Some of the biggest applause on Saturday was for Wendy Todd, who along with her husband has traveled throughout the state talking about how the Mars Hill wind project has affected her neighborhood. ..."We are tired but we are here and we are not going to grow weary in doing what is good," Todd told the group.
13 Feb 2011

Plantation residents voice concerns over wind project

In the permit application filed with the town, it appears the wires are described as passing alongside the existing Central Maine Power Company utility wires. But in the application filed with the Land Use Regulation Commission, it's clear the wires deviate from the existing CMP lines. Erik Stumpfel, an attorney for Highland Wind from the firm Eaton Peabody, confirmed the developer intends to not follow the CMP corridor exactly.
12 Feb 2011

Peru wind panel discusses state regs

Cassida said DEP now requires developers to make demonstrations during the length of the project to determine sound level compliance, which they didn't do with the Mars Hill project. In that 2001 project, DEP OK'd a variance to 50 decibels without realizing that it would adversely affect people. "If I could turn back time, I'd require that we do that differently," he said.
10 Feb 2011
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