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Activists stick to their guns

Two activists took the stand Monday to defend their actions during a protest last summer of the Kibby Mountain wind power project, and they struggled to answer questions about whether they broke the law to get attention.
21 Jun 2011

Kibby Mountain wind farm protesters go on trial Monday

"It was a really important moment for Earth First! to take a strong stand against industrial wind power," Perkins said. "Most environmental groups in this country are sort of blindly following the solution trail that corporate energy has laid out for us." Earth First! believes wind power is a "false solution to climate change."
18 Jun 2011

Maine governor questions offshore wind push

The administration of Maine Gov. Paul LePage is questioning state support for a $20 billion offshore wind project planned for the Gulf of Maine ...LePage's energy advisers are reportedly skeptical that offshore wind development would reduce the state's dependence on foreign oil.
1 Jun 2011

Wind power proposal debated in Hancock County

Tuesday night's public hearing followed a full day of technical testimony during which First Wind subsidiary Blue Sky East and Concerned Citizens of Rural Hancock County, a group that is opposed to the project, each presented information to the commission. Blue Sky East is proposing to erect 19 turbines, each 476 feet tall.
18 May 2011

Hope to discuss ordinance proposals

According to the proposed ordinance, neighboring municipalities have recently received inquiries about the possibility of locating a wind power development within their territorial limits and Hope could be under threat of development pressure from wind power developments.
17 May 2011

Time for wind reality check

The very character and quality of place we enjoy here in Maine is too valuable to risk on unsubstantiated and unproven claims by the pro-wind cabal. Mainers would be within their rights to request a clinical analysis of the UMPI experiment.
17 May 2011

Somerset County residents lambaste wind farm proposal

From the perspective of some Highland and Pleasant Ridge Plantation residents, there is no way that the project won't adversely affect wildlife and ruin the natural environment they call home. The group has been fighting against the proposal since it was first aired by testifying during LURC hearings.
10 May 2011

Highland Wind withdraws its application

The company has encountered several problems since it submitted its application Dec. 29. Most recently, the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife expressed strong concern about the project's impact on species on the state's endangered and special concern lists.
3 May 2011

First Wind deal could alter energy landscape

While Emera will have an ownership stake in Maine wind farms - generators - through Northeast Energy, strict rules put walls between any communications between that part of the business and Bangor Hydro - which is transmission. The farms in Maine include Mars Hill Wind, Stetson Wind I and II in Danforth, and the under-construction Rollins Wind Project.
3 May 2011

First Wind to partner with two Canadian companies

First Wind will enter into an agreement with Northeast Wind. In that agreement, First Wind and Northeast Wind will create an unnamed operating company that will own First Wind's wind farms on the East Coast, according to a statement from First Wind, Algonquin and Emera.
1 May 2011

Rumford board reviews new wind ordinance proposal

Essentially, Selectmen Jeremy Volkernick and Greg Buccina wanted to restore much of what Sterling removed or changed from the defeated proposal, including things like shadow flicker standards, banning blade glint, safety setbacks for sound and turbine collapses, etc.
18 Apr 2011

CMP: Smart meter bills come with huge costs

Few people anticipated the degree of negative response from people who do not want the new devices. The project has spawned an unprecedented seven formal citizen complaint cases before the PUC, prompting a complex and growing investigation by the agency.
5 Apr 2011
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