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Wind energy standards added to Farmington town meeting warrant

A question arose about whether this could be voted on during a special town meeting or would have to wait till next year, leaving the door open for anyone to erect a wind system with no guidelines. ...During a public hearing before the board vote, Bert Knapp told the board he thought the proposed ordinance was too weak regarding noise.
26 Jan 2012

The other side of the wind power story

Readers of the story were essentially led to believe that these massive projects have come without incident. Unwitting readers might also infer that these new wind "farms" have disproved their critics, settled all debate and gained acceptance. The truth is that many people in the vicinity of the Roxbury and Woodstock wind projects are already experiencing problems with noise emissions.
22 Jan 2012

PUC staff: No go for energy firms' wind deal

"We deny approval of the ‘proposed Transactions' as we find that the risk of harm to ratepayers exceeds the benefits," the draft decision reads, "even if conditions intended to mitigate the risk of harm to ratepayers were imposed."
20 Jan 2012

LePage challenges backers of Maine renewable energy initiative

Gov. Paul LePage has come out strongly against the proposal, both in a recent weekly radio address and at public events. "The way I look at it is this proposal, this whole referendum issue is nothing more than a scam to make a few people wealthy. I think it is shameful and it's immoral that some of these folks would come and put this kind of price tag on Maine people."
19 Jan 2012

Investor buys Moscow radar site

Western Maine Realty is "a real estate entity that Jay owns for investing in properties. He'll have to evaluate all the possible uses for that property," said Presson, who helped develop the Beaver Ridge Wind project in Freedom. "I don't think he's ruling anything out at this point."
29 Dec 2011

Friends of Maine Mountains appeals Carthage wind project

The group filed an appeal with the Maine Bureau of Environmental Protection last week opposing Patriot Renewables LLC's wind project in Carthage. The Quincy, Mass., firm doing business as Saddleback Ridge Wind LLC, has proposed construction of a $65 million, 32-megawatt project for the Carthage site. The project calls for 12 turbines to be built on Saddleback Ridge.
23 Nov 2011

Two groups appeal Clifton Wind Farm project

Last month the Clifton planning board gave the final okay to a $22 million project to install five turbines on Pisguh Mountain. The head of the planning board says the Beckfords are concerned about noise from the turbines, which would be about a mile from their home.
11 Nov 2011

Rumford wind ordinance OK'd; Charter amendment fails

Third time's a charm proved true Tuesday when a majority of voters overwhelmingly approved the third proposed wind ordinance in two years. The tally was 1,137 "yes" to 465 "no," Town Manager Carlo Puiia said. Fifty ballots were blank, meaning those voters didn't select either answer.
9 Nov 2011

Cushing weighs wind generator question, land uses

A Wind Turbine Ordinance is proposed to limit wind turbines to a maximum of 80 feet tall. Wind turbines that meet the height requirement will be required to meet sound limits at the property lines. These limits will not support large commercial wind turbine installations.
8 Nov 2011

Wind power moratorium gets hearing in Peru

"The passage of the moratorium will give the committee 180 days to write an ordinance and no windmills can be built during this time. The Board of Selectmen can extend the moratorium if more time is needed to write the ordinance," he said.
28 Oct 2011

Frankfort hearing on Mount Waldo wind project

Carrie Bennett of Freedom said she hopes the townspeople of Frankfort will make a different decision than the people of her town did. She said she lives about 3,000 feet away from one of the turbines in her community. "All three of my children have been placed on sleeping pills by their pediatrician," she said, referring to the turbine noise keeping them awake at night. "What you get back as a community is not worth what you pay."
28 Oct 2011
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