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$2.5 million conservation fund set up in Bingham wind pact

A $2.5 million fund directed at conservation projects across western, central and northern Maine has been set up after an anti-wind group earlier this year dropped a lawsuit against the company building a wind farm in Bingham. ...“FMM is committed to preserving Maine’s unique natural resources, particularly its prized mountains.” According to the release, the Friends group is not a beneficiary of the conservation fund.
25 Sep 2015

Freedom revisits rules for wind energy development

The major feature of the ordinance is a requirement that wind turbines be set back one mile from residences. Neighboring towns adopted this standard as a precaution against noise and shadow nuisances like those reported by some Freedom residents. Developers and wind energy advocates have said the mile setback amounts to a ban, given the population density of the area.
18 Sep 2015

Maine regulators nix Emera’s bid for new Aroostook County power line

With the decision Tuesday, the commissioners decided to move into a second phase in the case, considering the longer-term questions about the northern Maine regional grid. That includes whether there’s any benefit to ratepayers from connecting transmission lines in the area to the New England power grid, something that wind developers in the area might seek in order to reach the regional ISO-New England market.
15 Sep 2015

What New England’s foolhardy, clean energy policy looks like

The billions New England wasted in the last decade on unsustainable feel-good generation assets were the same billions that should have been invested in critical, dependable, clean energy infrastructure. Specifically, our natural gas transmission constraints and our lack of access to large-scale Canadian hydro now stand as tragic examples of our grossly negligent misappropriation of resources.
14 Sep 2015

Fort Fairfield residents air support for wind ordinance

Langley, who along with others on the committee visited Mars Hill, said the proposed one-mile setback would largely prevent “shadow flicker,” the rotating shadows cast by the blades turning in the sun. ...Langley said, average noise levels at the edge of a proposed turbine’s participating property line would be measured before development, as a baseline, and noises from the eventual operating turbine could only increase by five decibels.
11 Sep 2015

Dixfield Planning Board table discussion on wind ordinance until Sept. 3

 Puiia said officials received a citizens' petition asking that the defeated ordinance be amended with the Department of Environmental Protection sound standards and be brought to another vote. Planning Board member Lauren Hebert said he saw the DEP sound standards as “a blank check.” “It gives them the right to come in here and impose their will on us,” Hebert said.
21 Aug 2015

Could utilities lose money on Bingham wind farm?

"Under the legislation, the Investor Owned Utilities (IOU) receive 2.75 percent remuneration for payments under the contracts, however this amount is expected to be less than the amount of legal expense incurred to obtain approval of the solicitation process, approval of the contracts and compliance with ongoing reporting and rate setting requirements." While that sounds like Unitil may be losing money, Unitil is not quite sure yet to expect. 
6 Jul 2015

Another reason to just say “No”

Much of the scenic beauty for which Maine is so widely known will be despoiled. The stated 2,700-Megawatt goal of Maine’s Wind Energy Act would require as many as 1,500 wind turbines, each hundreds of feet tall, with accompanying access roads and new transmission lines, on up to 300 miles of Maine’s hills and mountains. Those transmission lines, to carry the electricity that could be provided by a single, high-quality conventional generator, will add billions of dollars to New England electric bills.
4 Jul 2015

State wildlife officials oppose Hancock County turbine project

“DIF&W believes the proposed project poses an undue risk of mortality to birds, particularly songbirds, during spring migration. Given the Bull Hill Project is already operational and that the Hancock Wind Project is permitted, MDIF&W believes that the proposed Weaver Wind Project will represent significant adverse cumulative impact to migrating birds, and recommends denial of the Weaver Wind Project.”
20 Jun 2015

The King wind saga: When Record Hill hit Capitol Hill

It was a wind project that received federal funding based on the use of new technology to prevent turbulence, but the development certainly stirred up a political windstorm. David Carkhuff examines the controversy following former Maine Governor Angus King's foray into wind development in Maine. 
18 Jun 2015
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