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Could utilities lose money on Bingham wind farm?

"Under the legislation, the Investor Owned Utilities (IOU) receive 2.75 percent remuneration for payments under the contracts, however this amount is expected to be less than the amount of legal expense incurred to obtain approval of the solicitation process, approval of the contracts and compliance with ongoing reporting and rate setting requirements." While that sounds like Unitil may be losing money, Unitil is not quite sure yet to expect. 
6 Jul 2015

Another reason to just say “No”

Much of the scenic beauty for which Maine is so widely known will be despoiled. The stated 2,700-Megawatt goal of Maine’s Wind Energy Act would require as many as 1,500 wind turbines, each hundreds of feet tall, with accompanying access roads and new transmission lines, on up to 300 miles of Maine’s hills and mountains. Those transmission lines, to carry the electricity that could be provided by a single, high-quality conventional generator, will add billions of dollars to New England electric bills.
4 Jul 2015

State wildlife officials oppose Hancock County turbine project

“DIF&W believes the proposed project poses an undue risk of mortality to birds, particularly songbirds, during spring migration. Given the Bull Hill Project is already operational and that the Hancock Wind Project is permitted, MDIF&W believes that the proposed Weaver Wind Project will represent significant adverse cumulative impact to migrating birds, and recommends denial of the Weaver Wind Project.”
20 Jun 2015

The King wind saga: When Record Hill hit Capitol Hill

It was a wind project that received federal funding based on the use of new technology to prevent turbulence, but the development certainly stirred up a political windstorm. David Carkhuff examines the controversy following former Maine Governor Angus King's foray into wind development in Maine. 
18 Jun 2015

Bill aims to restore public hearings on siting wind projects

 Rep. Beth Turner, a Republican from Burlington, has several unorganized territories in her district and supported the committee proposal. "The 32 U-T's that I represent don’t have that right, their voices were taken away and they cannot have a public hearing," Turner said. "They deserve to have their voices heard."
12 Jun 2015

Dixfield voters adopt original wind ordinance

residents narrowly voted to repeal the Wind Energy Facility Ordinance and replace it with the Planning Board’s original draft.  ...Discussions between some residents and the Board of Selectmen were contentious in the days leading up to Tuesday’s vote after Tom Carroll, project coordinator for Patriot Renewables LLC of Quincy, Mass., said that the ordinance’s 35 decibel nighttime limit would likely prohibit a wind farm in Dixfield.
11 Jun 2015

Maine lawmakers expected to vote Thursday on sweeping energy policy bill

The committee took no action on the bill Wednesday. The panel’s co-chair, Sen. David Woodsome, R-York, said he hopes to hold a work session and vote on the bill Thursday. With time running out for the panel to wrap up for the session, lawmakers are under pressure to either kill the measure, adopt certain provisions or hold over the bill for consideration next year.
28 May 2015

Maine wind energy advocates unveil study touting industry’s benefits

O’Connor said the goals set down in the 2008 of 2,000 megawatts of installed wind energy in Maine by 2020 were unrealistic and should be removed from state law. “If the government must choose winners and losers, it must also make adjustments when the predicted winners turn out to be losers,” O’Connor said. She said large-scale wind developers had deep pockets and easily can run over local people who may be in opposition to their projects.
6 May 2015

Maine lawmakers consider taking away wind power’s expedited permits

The bill, L.D. 1329, would eliminate the “expedited permitting” that industry supporters say has been key to making Maine the top wind power state in New England. Critics contend, however, that the law has forced Maine taxpayers to subsidize a costly and unpredictable energy source that mars the landscape while offering few, if any, environmental benefits.
6 May 2015

Nominee for PUC disagrees with LePage on some issues

One of the biggest and broadest challenges ahead in the electricity world is how to pay for the grid upgrades expected to cost about $1.5 trillion nationally between 2010 and 2030, an estimate developed by consultants at The Brattle Group. ...“It all has to make sense for the economics,” Williamson said in a phone interview Monday. “As soon as you start draining money off to pay utilities, you have less to do other things.”
5 May 2015

SunEdison halts talks with Maine regulators on wind energy deals

Renewable energy developer SunEdison has decided not to seek a long-term contract with Maine utilities for its Weaver Wind project, following the Maine Public Utilities Commission’s reconsideration of the terms of a 25-year power purchasing agreement. The company withdrew its project from consideration in a filing Monday.
4 May 2015
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