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Efficiency cutting New England power use, costs

Nationally, demand for electricity is leveling off as residential power use falls, experts say, reversing a long upward trend. More efficient lighting and electric devices are partly credited for the change. New homes also are being built to use less electricity and government subsidies older homes use less power. Rourke said the weak economy also has contributed to reduced electricity use.
13 Dec 2012

First Wind seeks Monson's input on pending energy project

First Wind's plan calls for the transmission lines to run through Monson. The firm needs to obtain a right-of-way through town in order to achieve its goal. The town currently has a moratorium against such power projects. The planning board has been working on an ordinance to address the issue when the moratorium expires on March 4, 2013.
30 Nov 2012

Turbine tax credit, jobs at risk

But Congress is setting aside the credits, deductions and other tax breaks until after those much bigger negotiations. That decision is creating uncertainty among some Maine businesses that take advantage of the tax breaks.
26 Nov 2012

New wind farm completed in Hancock County

A new, 19-turbine wind farm in Hancock County, which has the capacity to supply the average energy needs of 18,000 homes, has been completed. Boston-based First Wind says its 34-megawatt Bull Hill project has also begun commercial operations. It’s located on the ridges of Bull Hill and Heifer Hill in Hancock County.
14 Nov 2012

Wind power may benefit Bingham area

First Wind proposes 50 to 60 wind turbines on current timber plots. The town is looking at a benefits package from a wind power developer as part of a project involving installation of turbines on hills in Bingham and extending into Mayfield and Blanchard townships and Kingsbury Plantation.
12 Nov 2012

Maine DEP rejects Passadumkeag wind project

The decision echoes a verdict reached by the Land Use Regulation Commission when it rejected a First Wind of Massachusetts proposal to build 27 turbines atop nearby Bowers Mountain in April, Depoy-Warren told the Bangor Daily News last week. In both cases, officials felt the windmills' effect on mountain and lake views and businesses that profit from them would be too great.
10 Nov 2012

First Wind scales back plans for farm in Maine

First Wind's proposal is now under review by state regulators, six months after it was rejected by the former Land Use Regulation Commission. Because of changes in the law that transformed LURC into the Land Use Planning Commission, the state Department of Environmental Protection is now the principal reviewing agency for the project.
5 Nov 2012

Mainers demand criminal investigation into smart meter fees

"If I must pay to avoid actual harm or even the threat of harm, to myself, my family or my property that is extortion. The federal Hobbs Act defines it as: "...the crime of obtaining property from another induced by wrongful use of actual or threatened force, violence or fear, or under color of official right."
8 Oct 2012

PUC questions offshore wind project, seeks greater commitment from Statoil

"The proposal sets the electricity price at a minimum of $290/MWh, which is significantly higher than historic and current prices," Fletcher wrote. "Over the 20-year contract term, Maine ratepayers could be required to pay $203 million higher costs." "I don't know if Maine ratepayers can shoulder $10 million per year without more assurance that this will work," Fletcher told the Bangor Daily News.
5 Oct 2012

Peru wind ordinance submitted to selectmen

The primary restrictions in the ordinance were a maximum sound level of 25 decibels at night and 35 decibels during the day; a 1½ mile setback from each wind turbine tower to the nearest nonparticipating land parcel; and a 300-foot maximum height to the tip of the blades.
24 Sep 2012

The Angus King federal bailout

King's personal bailout came in the form of a $407,000 "success fee" he received in 2011 from a wind energy project that remains in business today only because it received a $102 million federal loan King played a major role in securing.
17 Sep 2012

Wind deal dogs Angus King

"The idea that King can somehow wash his hands of his wind business and avoid any conflict of interest in this campaign is ludicrous for me. He spent (much of) the last decade as a wind industry propagandist," Thurston said. King said last week he is not apologizing for Record Hill or the federal support.
16 Sep 2012

On radar, Spruce Mountain a storm magnet

"We do pick them up on radar," said Margaret Curtis, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Gray. "Our goal is to bounce the radar pulse off raindrops, but there are other things out there it can bounce off too, including wind turbines."
13 Sep 2012

Wind summit touts growing Maine potential

Brad Blake, a spokesman for the Citizens Task Force on Wind Power, said most of Maine has marginal wind potential, and the technical improvements Bolinger touted will create more conflicts with people who oppose industrial wind development. The towers at Bull Hill, he said, are 476 feet high and visible from Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park.
5 Sep 2012
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