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La.’s wind projects are thwarted, while Texas steams ahead

Texas is the nation’s leader in commercial wind power, while Louisiana remains on the sidelines. Harnessing the wind has taken off in the last decade. But the Pelican State’s wind speeds, regulatory framework, abundant natural gas, and opposition from farmers and others, along with the industry’s technical obstacles, have kept projects from launching. Ironically, companies in Louisiana, however, provide expertise and equipment to wind installations in other states.
13 May 2019

Louisiana utility regulators approve wind farm project

“I am all for adding clean, renewable power generation to our power grid, but the project has to serve a need, and it has to make sense financially,” Greene said. “I could not vote to have SWEPCO customers finance an unneeded generation project that might only save them money if the price of natural gas increases significantly."
21 Jun 2018

Chapin wind fight heads to court

The decision reversed the approval by the Dennis Old King's Highway Historic District Commission, which is the town-level arm of the regional historic district. ARC responded by appealing the decision in court. The case is scheduled for a pretrial hearing Oct. 13 in Orleans, Rosemarie Austin of Dennis said. Austin is a member of Save Our Beaches.
28 Sep 2011

Study pinpoints the cost of upgrading the electrical transmission grid

At the urging of the federal Department of Energy, the regional transmission organizations also looked at what transmission investments would be necessary if the region increased its renewable power goals to 20 percent of electricity generated. They found that 15,000 miles of new extra-high-voltage lines costing $80 billion would be needed by 2024. Generating 20 percent of the electricity for the eastern power grid from renewable sources would require an additional $1.1 trillion in infrastructure investment.
14 Feb 2009

Louisiana lacks wind power

Herman J Schellstede, owner of an oil industry equipment company in New Iberia, is betting the Gulf of Mexico can produce enough wind to power thousands of homes and businesses. He's preparing to establish 62 huge wind turbines in the gulf off the coast of Galveston, Texas, that would produce 150 megawatts of power for electric generation. Some of the turbines will be mounted on abandoned platforms like the oil rigs Schellstede constructed in the gulf for 42 years.
20 Jul 2008

Entergy pitches renewable energy credits, not sources

The company sees the effort as a way to bolster its green credentials while allowing ecology-minded ratepayers who can afford to do so the chance to contribute to a burgeoning renewable energy industry. Critics contend the voluntary program is little more than a token measure that does little locally to reduce carbon emissions or fossil fuel use and won't ensure residents are actually getting any of their power from renewable sources. "If you decide to sign up for it, what we would do is buy a credit from a company that creates power from a renewable source," ENO spokesman Morgan Stewart said.
16 Jun 2008

Big Louisiana turbine maker runs out of wind

A metal fabricator said to be one of the country's largest manufacturers of wind turbines has unexpectedly shut down in the midst of what was described as a severe cash-flow crunch. Beaird Co. Ltd., Shreveport, La., closed its doors and laid off 427 workers as executives seek new investors as well as possible state assistance to pump in money to keep the company afloat. It was unclear when the company might reopen. ..."The company just came out of a very difficult contract that ate up a lot of cash," Gerald Landry, Beaird's president, told the Shreveport Times. "We need to rapidly reduce costs."
23 May 2008
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