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Mason County Judge-Executive candidates on the issues

Wind Farm development became a divisive issue because honest straightforward information was not given to the citizens of Mason County in a timely manor. When in every state that has wind farm developments there has been litigation, it certainly should be the responsibility of elected officials to govern and protect the health, safety and welfare of citizens. 
31 Oct 2014

Done deal: wind turbine ban approved

In summary, the ordinance will ban large-scale industrial wind turbines in the county, except in already designated industrial zones.  The ordinance will allow mid to small scale turbines for accessory use at a principal site, not for the purpose of sending the energy across electric transmission lines.
30 Sep 2014

Wind energy ordinance moves forward

The 26-page ordinance is based upon the facts and findings of the Mason County Joint Planning Commission at an August 2014 meeting.  The recommendations were the culmination of months of discussion, public meetings and a trip to an Indiana wind farm by JPC board members. In summary, the ordinance will ban large-scale industrial wind turbines in the county, except in already designated industrial zones.
10 Sep 2014

JPC to set wind turbine recommendations

Board members agreed upon restrictions on large industrial wind turbines to include: turbines could only be located in areas of the county zoned rural industrial (I3); set back distances would be one mile, 5,280 feet, from property lines; property owners who sign agreements with wind energy companies would receive no waiver on the set back limitation; and sound levels would be restricted to 30 decibels or less.
4 Aug 2014

Second wind energy project discontinued

On Friday, Mason County Judge-Executive James L. "Buddy" Gallenstein notified county commissioners and local media outlets of NextEra Energy Resources' decision to discontinue analysis of the possibility of constructing a wind energy project in Mason County. The news comes one week after Duke Energy Renewables notified officials of its intention to discontinue a wind energy project.
17 May 2014

Proposed wind project discontinued

Within the letter, Howard states, "This purpose of this letter is to document Duke Energy Renewables' intent to discontinue the "Flemingsburg" wind project that was being studied for possible development in Mason and Fleming counties. We believe at this time, the project's likelihood of success is marginal."
9 May 2014

Windmill regulation bill clears House committee

According to a press release from the office of State Rep. Mike Denham, D-Maysville, a bill that would address local concerns with siting of windmill projects in Mason and Fleming counties cleared the House Tourism Development and Energy Committee Thursday. “What we tried to do was make sure that the siting board regulation applied to windmill projects,” said Denham, who is the sponsor of the bill.
14 Feb 2014

Citizens, officials get facts on proposed wind project

Gallenstein asked if the Duke project is related to the NextEra wind farm project proposed two years ago in the Germantown area. Furlong said there is no partnership with NextEra and the two companies are competitors. Furlong was asked if this project is successful, would other turbines be built, to which he answered there could be others.
10 Sep 2013

Wind farm study under fire again

For the second month in a row, residents of May's Lick attended Tuesday's fiscal court meeting to express their opposition to and concerns about a potential wind farm in Mason County. Mike Averdick serves as spokesman for the citizens, who asked last month that a countywide moratorium on wind energy projects be implemented so that zoning, regulations and policies of such a project could be studied.
11 Jun 2013

Future of wind turbines discussed during Mason Fiscal Court

NextEra Energy Resources, a Florida-based company, began conducting studies last year to determine if wind turbines could be feasible in Mason and Bracken counties. Tuesday, representatives from NextEra Energy were in Mason County meeting with local officials in an attempt to answer questions about the project.
14 Jun 2011

Time to flip the switch on government giveaways

GE is getting government subsidies to build wind turbines and solar panels. And it supports legislation that would force customers to use them. Immelt has placed the company in the untenable position of not being able to succeed unless it takes something from someone else - in this case taxpayer money and freedom.
10 Jul 2010
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