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Reno County planning board serves as NextEra’s next step for wind farm

Resident Kristy Horsch presented a petition to the commission calling for a moratorium she said was gathered over the weekend – and contained more than 700 signatures. Of those signing, 534, or about three-fourths, reside within Reno County. The rest were near the county lines in Sedgwick and Kingman counties, who would also be impacted by wind turbines. She also handed the commission a separate 3-inch wide binder she said was an economic impact study by residents “that demonstrates a negative impact to the county with this project.”
6 Dec 2018

County tables decision on NextEra wind farm moratorium following three-hour meeting

More than two dozen Reno County residents asked the County Commission Tuesday to impose a 12-month moratorium on development of commercial wind farms in the county. However, officials with NextEra Energy – which is in the midst of developing a 220-megawatt wind farm in the southeast quadrant of the county – warned that a moratorium would kill the project.
14 Nov 2018

County nixes wind turbines indefinitely

No applications for conditional-use permits in connection with commercial wind turbine projects will be accepted for an indefinite period, said Rick Witte McPherson County Administrator. The move was done to allow a comprehensive review of the impact commercial wind turbines may have on the county’s new E-911 emergency system.
7 Nov 2018

Wind farm debate revs up again

Landowners blew through a gust of grievances on un-built wind farms Monday years after they signed leases — or, in one case, after construction started on property where a lease was never signed. One landowner, Sandy Sellers, told Marion County commissioners he never signed a lease, yet Windborne Energy still performed work on his property against his will.
2 Aug 2017

Douglas County Commission approves regulations for wind energy towers

With the commission’s approval of the measure, Flory, who had characterized wind towers as "monstrosities" when the amendment was first introduced in February, expressed satisfaction with the protection the measure gave county residents. “I’ve been told (wind towers) are majestic, but my feeling is that how majestic they are is relative to how close they are to your front porch,” he said.
23 Jun 2016

Douglas County Commission to have public hearing on wind turbine tower regulations

The revised text amendment before commissioners retains the 1-mile notification but doesn’t expand protest rights to those property owners beyond the 1,000-foot radius. However, staff wrote in a report to commissioners that the County Commission has the authority to give protest petition rights to those living in a 1-mile radius. That would create the possibility of two separate protest petitions, both of which could force a supermajority vote, staff wrote.
21 Jun 2016

County allows wind energy company to apply for construction of two meteorological towers west of Baldwin City

In December, the commission placed a moratorium on wind farm projects until it had time to draft regulations on their development. But at the commission's Wednesday meeting, the panel ruled the meteorological towers did not fall under the moratorium and allowed the application process for a conditional use permit to continue.
26 Feb 2014

County puts brakes on wind farms

The action came amid reports from residents in southern Douglas County that a potential developer has approached residents seeking to buy easements for wind towers. "Currently we don't have any specific regulations that mention wind farms," said county Administrator Craig Weinaug.
13 Dec 2013

Wind turbine didn't have permits

lanning and Development Director Nancy Scott said that is not the case and that the city regulates their placement only in the interest of public safety and to protect neighbors from nuisances such as noise or shadow flicker caused by spinning blades catching the sunlight. In Myers' case, Scott said, the city was responding to a complaint by another citizen and Myers' first problem was that he never submitted plans for the city's approval or sought a required conditional use permit.
8 Jun 2013

Wind changes bring applause

A packed room gave the Ellis County Joint Planning Commission a resounding round of applause Tuesday night after the commission voted 5-2 to recommend changes to the wind energy zoning regulations to the Ellis County Commission. ...The zoning commission recommended changing the current 10 times the tip height of the wind turbine setback to 1,000 feet and a noise decibel regulation of 50 decibels.
26 Jan 2011

Wind energy rules up for public hearing

One of Ellis County's most talked about topics during the past few years will be in the spotlight once again on Tuesday night. During the monthly Ellis County Joint Planning Commission meeting at 7 p.m., committee members will host a public hearing on changes to the county's wind energy zoning regulations that were proposed by Mark Bannister of Butterfield Wind during the committee's December meeting.
23 Jan 2011

County denies wind farm appeal

Commissioners agreed Monday that Campbell was not an aggrieved party and therefore his appeal was not valid. "I tend to agree that he is not an aggrieved person," Commission Chairman Perry Henman said. "He doesn't have any property in the project."
5 Oct 2010

Wind power developers concerned about regs

Invenergy project manager Will Furgeson said while he continues to pursue a proposed project in northern Ellis County, the increased setbacks adopted Monday have caused concern about creating a viable project in the county. ...Along with increased setbacks, the amended regulations call for a standard for noise in wind projects not to exceed 40 decibels.
4 Sep 2010
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