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Senate panel advances bill to repeal renewable energy standards

[The RPS] is not needed anymore,” said Mike O’Neal, president of the Kansas Chamber of Commerce. “I’d make an argument that it never was needed.” The RPS statute requires that utility companies get 15 percent of their energy from renewable sources by 2015, and O’Neal said they’ve already reached that point. “Time to take the training wheels off. We don’t need the RPS anymore.”
20 Mar 2014

Battle over renewable energy ahead in legislative session

Demands from conservatives to jettison Kansas' renewable energy standards died down by halftime of the 2014 legislative session, but like the Kansas weather, that could change at any moment. Asked if the effort to repeal renewable energy goals was dead for 2014, Senate President Susan Wagle, R-Wichita, responded. "Oh no. The session is just starting."
1 Mar 2014

Utility companies lobby for lower solar reimbursement

Mark Schreiber, Westar’s executive director of government affairs, told legislators that under current law his company “is paying net-metered customers a retail price for a wholesale commodity” and that the 1-to-1 kilowatt credit doesn’t account for infrastructure costs like power plants and power lines.
5 Feb 2014

Kansas Chamber to back repeal of renewable energy standard, get involved in education issues

Chamber leaders said businesses' concerns about energy costs are prompting it to enter the debate over a state law requiring utilities to see that renewable resources, such as wind power, account for 20 percent of their capacity to generate electricity by 2020. The chamber is not "anti-wind." "We are against government picking winners and losers. Wind energy has its place, but those investments have to be self-sustaining."
16 Jan 2014

Bill would let state's utilities buy renewable-energy credits

The bill would allow Kansas utilities to comply with state renewable-energy standards by purchasing credits - not actual power - from hydroelectric plants in the west, rather than investing the money directly in Kansas wind energy. ...Documents from the American Legislative Exchange Council show the proposed "model bill" will be considered this week by the group's Energy, Environment and Agriculture Task Force.
9 Aug 2013

Kansas considers pulling plug on renewable energy standards

Rep. Dennis Hedke, chairman of the House Committee on Energy and Environmental Policy, said lack of progress on the coal plant prompted lawmakers to consider dumping the RPS or delaying targets two or four years. Some House and Senate members want to extract the state from meddling in oil, gas, nuclear, wind and solar businesses, he said.
11 Feb 2013

Not in Kansas anymore: Politics threaten state's wind energy market

According to the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), Kansas is leading the U.S. in new wind farm installations this year. By the end of the year, eight new utility-scale wind projects will come online - representing approximately $3 billion in new investment - and the state will have more than doubled its installed wind power by adding 1.489 GW of new wind power capacity.
6 Sep 2012

Renewable energy mandate spikes cost for customers

KPI President Dave Trabert said subsidized wind farms hurt the state's economy, that business investment in the state will be $191 million less than without the mandate. "It's easy to see windmills going up or an employer moving into town as a good thing," Trabert said in a KPI press release. "But it is often overlooked that they received a subsidy or incentive.
28 Jul 2012
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