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Barton Co. delays vote on zoning for turbines

GREAT BEND - Barton County Commissioners delayed a decision Monday on zoning for non-commercial wind turbines until the state's secretary of Wildlife and Parks could speak to them. No resolution was adopted, according to Barton County Clerk Donna Zimmerman. Instead, Secretary Mike Hayden was tentatively planning on meeting with the group April 2 to discuss the building of wind turbines near Cheyenne Bottoms Wildlife Area.
13 Mar 2007

Developer proposes wind farm in Ellis County

HAYS - A developer has applied for a conditional-use permit to build a large wind farm in Ellis County, clearing the way for a public hearing on the project later this month. CPV Wind Hays wants to build as many as 129 towers in an area southwest of town, project manager Krista Jo Gordon said. The developer already has nearly 10,000 acres under lease. Gordon said no electricity from the proposed wind farm has been sold yet. The 400-foot-tall towers would be at least 1,000 feet from the nearest household, but officials said landowners who agree to allow turbines on their property would receive a portion of the electricity sales. A hearing is scheduled for March 28 at the Ellis County Courthouse.
8 Mar 2007

Wabaunsee County (KS) Court Ruling upholds Prohibition of Large Wind Turbines

The concept of public welfare is broad and inclusive. … The values it represents are spiritual as well as physical, aesthetic as well as monetary. It is within the power of legislature [to have] determined that the community should be beautiful as well as healthy, spacious as well as clean, well balanced as well as carefully patrolled. … “The County found that placing the complexes of wind farms, of the size and scope necessary to accomplish their intended purpose, would have a dramatic, and adverse, effect upon all of the general welfare issues found in the comprehensive plan. … “The Court finds there is substantial evidence which a reasonable mind might accept as adequate to support the conclusions reached by the County. “[I]n the County’s denial of placing wind farms in the entire county[,] [t]he County didn’t take any existing rights away but only refused to expand the existing rights including wind rights.”
6 Mar 2007

Great day for prohibiting industrial wind in the Flint Hills

Here is a big bit of good news from Wabaunsee County for those of us who aren’t in favor of wind farm development in the Smokey Hills. A 14 page decision has been rendered in which Judge Ireland rules in favor of Wabaunsee County and dismisses Zimmerman et al’s lawsuit. We can thank Pat Hughes for his excellent law review article which helped clarify the law. Of course they can appeal, which would make this holding become appellate law in Kansas and of even more significance. Its a great day for prohibiting industrial scale turbines in the Flint Hills… …and raises enthusiasm for our common cause in the Smoky Hills area.
3 Mar 2007

CPV looking at Ellis County for 200 MW wind farm

You might like to know that CPV (Competitive Power Ventures) plans to file an application for a 200 MW wind project in Ellis County on Monday. The proposed project will be located about five plus miles southwest of Hays. Their plan is to offer it to Westar. According to a local source most of the project area is native grassland on modest ridges, but the company has suggested that it will be on 40 percent native grassland. This site was reportedly developed by the same individual/company that developed the Moyer Ranch project proposal in Geary County. “Ownership” of the Ellis County project has reportedly passed through about three transformations so far.
3 Mar 2007

Wind Can Be a Fickle Resource

The largest wind farm in Kansas, it features 170 giant turbines with a generating capacity of 110 megawatts. That's enough electricity to power 33,000 homes. The difficulty, Johnson said, is that potential is rarely reached. Based on figures from 2005, 32 percent of the time the wind farm produced less than 11 megawatts, which would be 10 percent of its rated output. What's more, 66 percent of the time it produced less than 55 megawatts, or 50 percent of its rated output. Surprisingly, 18 percent of the time, the farm produced virtually no energy. That's equivalent to more than one and one-fourth days each week. "You could, therefore, say that only 34 percent of the time was it at greater than 55 megawatts, or one-half of rated capacity," he said. "Overall, on the average, its output is approximately 36 megawatts, or about one-third of its rated capacity."
1 Mar 2007

Plans for new power grid taking shape

Two power suppliers wanting to construct 1,000 miles of high-voltage transmission lines and new substations in Colorado and Kansas are refining the routes for the project, officials said last week. Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association and the Western Area Power Administration are teaming on the Eastern Plains Transmission Project, which will cost anywhere from $8 million to $1 billion. Randy Wilkerson, a public affairs specialist for Western, said that based on comments from the public during meetings held in September in the affected areas, proposed and alternative routes for the lines have been changed. “We have changed the routes somewhat - we have also began doing some analysis on those routes, looking at them based on 47 different criteria,” Wilkerson said. Wilkerson said among the standards are engineering characteristics, which includes cost and how many miles of line, and land use issues. “All those things have been analyzed. The land-use portion analyzes whether the lines are going through rangeland (or) irrigated crop land and how many residences it’s going by,” Wilkerson said. “We are trying to find a route that has the least impact overall.”
25 Feb 2007

Farmers, naturalists fight vs. wind turbines

The prospect of more wind turbines on Kansas prairies drew a mix of environmental groups and ranchers into a Statehouse debate Wednesday. After hearing their testimony, House Energy and Utilities Committee took no action on House Bill 2492, which would require a new public hearing process to inform county residents of wind developers’ plans. It also would create a new procedure for public protest petitions on wind turbine placement. The House panel could decide Friday whether to send the bill to the full House.
15 Feb 2007

Wind farm opponents force revision in bill

Responding to opponents of a new wind farm planned in the state’s Smoky Hills, Topeka Rep. Annie Kuether said Thursday she’ll sponsor a bill placing new requirements on wind project developers. But another lawmaker, who represents residents in the Smoky Hills, said he doubted the measure would pass. “I don’t think it’s doable at all,” said Rep. Josh Svaty, D-Ellsworth. “As long as you have a willing buyer and a willing seller and it doesn’t pose any harm to any adjacent landowners, we as a Legislature have no business getting involved in those transactions.”
27 Jan 2007

Opponents offered downside of wind farms

The Flint Hills and Smoky Hills are the last largest pieces of contiguous Tallgrass and Mixed Prairie left in North America. They are recognized as “World Class Grasslands” and cannot be duplicated, replaced, or repaired to its original form once it is destroyed. This point was stressed by opponents of the wind farm who attended the afternoon session with the County Commissioners. Speakers included: Virgil Huseman, Zack Grothusen, Rob Manes, Liz and Steve Donley, Ron Klataske, Wayne Bohl, Scott Bohl, Rose Bacon, Mary Jo Huseman, Joan Bohl, Melinda Boeken and Anne Grothusen. Rob Manes of the Nature Conservancy and Ron Klataske of the Audubon Society of Kansas also spoke on behalf of the groups they represent to keep turbines off undisturbed native prairie. The opponents asked that the County Commissioners place a moratorium on the construction of the wind farm until they are fully informed of the consequences of allowing a wind farm to be built in the Smoky Hills which is pristine prairie grass. Rose Bacon who hails from Cottonwood Falls and served on the Governor’s Wind and Prairie Task Force presented information on “industrial wind utility” developments and siting issues associated with them.
23 Jan 2007

Sebelius Proposes Tax Cuts, Energy Policies

Gov. Kathleen Sebelius proposed tax cuts for businesses and promised the state will be more aggressive in promoting energy conservation and wind power as she outlined her legislative agenda Wednesday night...........Sebelius also said her goal is to have wind provide 10 percent of the state’s electricity by 2010, doubling that figure by 2020. She said her proposed budget will contain money to allow for planning new transmission lines to deliver wind-generated electricity. “There’s no reason our state should not lead the nation in wind energy,” she said.
11 Jan 2007

To address future energy needs, BPU reaches for the sky

While green may have been a prominent color of the past holiday season, it’s also a color the Kansas City Board of Public Utilities is interested in for the future. In a work session prior to the regular meeting of the BPU Board of Directors Wednesday, the board heard about the specifics of a new contract signed by General Manager Don Gray committing to buy 25 megawatts of wind power capacity from TradeWind Energy,LLC, a Lenexa, Kan.-based wind farm developer.
5 Jan 2007

Wind farm proposed

Sunflower Electric Power Corporation has announced it has completed negotiations with TradeWind Energy for the purchase of 50.4 megawatts of energy generated by wind turbines at its Smoky Hills Wind Farm. The project site is located 25 miles west of Salina, just north of Interstate Highway 70 between Ellsworth and Lincoln.
15 Dec 2006

Letter asks county to keep moratorium for wind turbines

Deb Colle, Delmore Township, presented a letter regarding the approved regulations to Gamesa's Commercial Wind Energy Project resolution written by Larry and Pat Weibert, Bonaville Township, to county commissioners during a recent Board of McPherson County Commissioners meeting. The letter's purpose was to convince county commissioners to keep the moratorium in place regarding wind farm turbines and for them to take more time to listen to what Gov. Kathleen Sebelius and officials from the Kansas Corporation Commission and the Department of Kansas Wildlife and Parks say about wind energy. The letter suggested commissioners should also consider those who will be affected by the wind turbines.
20 Oct 2006

County wind farm project moves ahead

Gamesa's Commercial Wind Energy Project resolution regulations were recently passed at a Board of McPherson County Commissioners meeting. Gamesa is considering the usage of 8,000 acres in McPherson County for the construction of a wind farm. Angela Krummel-Buzard, McPherson's planning and zoning administrator, reassured the commissioners of the proper procedures for prescribed burning in case a fire breaks out on the wind farm. A review of the resolution was needed for further questioning and to discuss two recent changes to the resolution. Steph Wiley, Gamesa's director of development, said Gamesa has several pending projects. She said the corporation has not made a decision on submitting a conditional-use permit for McPherson County.
15 Oct 2006

Planning board adopts four new amendments to wind farm resolution

The committee decided to include additional information to Section G, regarding decommissioning, restoration and abandonment for item No. 1 under letter AA. It will now state “Applicant shall submit a decommissioning plan describing the manner in which the CWEP will be dismantled and removed from the site at the end of its useful life. “All aboveground components of the CWEP shall be removed unless at the landowners request the land is left intact. Foundations shall be removed to the owner’s satisfaction unless the landowner allows for the access roads and or foundations to remain.”
26 Sep 2006

County wind-farm proposal discussed

Angela Krummel-Buzard, McPherson planning and zoning administrator, and C. Bickley Foster, a planning consultant, presented a proposal for the resolution pertaining to regulations regarding commercial and energy projects. The electric wind farm station regulation proposal was discussed during the McPherson County planning board and board of zoning appeals meeting Monday.
25 Aug 2006
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