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Case for wind must be proven on costs

The wind industry lobby has managed to persuade Irish politicians that wind energy is not merely low on carbon emissions, which is true, but also cheap, which is not true at all. Wind energy companies enjoy a price guarantee, whose cost falls on consumers. This is a subsidy, plain and simple. But there are additional subsidies that are hidden. Extra transmission costs not borne by the wind companies are an additional burden.
1 Dec 2013

Industrial wind farms will have negative impact on tourism-Murray

"While I fully appreciate the need for sustainable and renewable energy projects, they should not be allowed to compromise the viability and sustainability of parts of the county that are dependent on jobs and revenue from tourism. Another serious issue for concern is that Mayo County Council, as the planning authority, is not allowed to adjudicate on any of these proposals, and no individual or community has the right of appeal.
2 Aug 2013

Ideology is driving our energy policy instead of economic reality

Last week the Irish Academy of Engineering (IAE) called for a halt on a proposed €30bn spend on the national energy infrastructure so that a proper assessment of future energy needs as well as the economic benefit of the massive investment in renewable power could be addressed. ...Plans are now afoot to deliver up to 7,800 MW of wind power on the island of Ireland, with a mixture of onshore and offshore projects in the pipeline. It may well help reduce our carbon emissions, but at what cost?
2 Jul 2009
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