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Exposing utilities’ Big Green energy con game

Utilities in several states are attempting to run a con game on their respective states’ utility commissions and ratepayers. How? By claiming that their plans for prematurely shuttering existing, reliable, relatively inexpensive coal power plants and replacing them with expensive, intermittent renewable power sources will save ratepayers money “in the long run.” Meanwhile, they ask for an immediate increase in electric rates to pay for the transition.
24 Apr 2019

Alliant Energy announce rate hike that will cost you hundreds

This month, two brand new wind farms from Alliant Energy's Iowa energy company will start generating low cost, renewable energy. It's great news as the state continues to see a boom in wind turbine production and placement by energy companies. But Alliant also wants to recoup the cost of those new turbines so, you guessed it. Your electric rates are about to go up.
5 Mar 2019

Siemens' layoffs reverse wind energy trend

The giant producer of windmill blades cited record low natural gas prices, the impact of the recession and the reluctance by the U.S. Congress to enact legislation regarding production tax credit for new wind turbine installations. New orders had fallen off, causing the company to adjust manufacturing, projects and administrative support functions of the wind power production business.
26 Dec 2012

Wind offers 'good jobs,' but growth slowing

However, total employment in wind energy dipped from 3,107 to 2,831 between 2009 and 2010. And, while it jumped back up this year, it is not expected to grow dramatically in the near future, according to Kerry Koonce, IWD spokeswoman. "Projections say that growth will probably be flat for awhile as the state is pretty saturated," Koonce said. "This could change if other types of alternative energy outputs falter."
18 Nov 2011

13% electricity hike too much

We know from past experience the final rate granted by the Iowa Utilities Board will not be 13 percent, but just the same today are urging the board to allow as little a rate increase as possible to cover expenses, as there are many individuals and companies who cannot afford any more.
27 Sep 2010

Alliant's 13 percent rate hike request now in board's hands

The consumer advocate office believes Alliant should not be allowed to charge customers for bad management decisions it's made in the past, Polle said, citing the higher transmission costs resulting from the 2007 sale of its transmission system to ITC and wind farm overruns as examples. It is asking the board to assess a $5 million per year management inefficiency penalty.
23 Sep 2010

'Cost recovery' for Alliant will cut businesses, customers deep

A proposed 14 percent increase from Alliant Energy for electrical rates would not only be a burden on some residential customers, but could affect expansion for local businesses. ...IPL representatives say they need the money to recover costs for "green" energy investments. The 14 percent raise - or $163 million - will fund expenses from Whispering Willow Wind Farm, a $468 million project, and major investments in distribution and transmission infrastructure.
28 Apr 2010

Wind agency investment proves costly to Ames

Since the city joined the 15-municipality agency in October 2008, Ames has paid more than $197,000 toward feasibility studies for a yet-to-be-developed wind farm near Ridgeport in Boone County. Assistant City Manager Sheila Lundt said staff "cringe" at paying about $56,000 more to IAMWind to exit from the agency, but "We just don't want any more financial entanglements than we already have."
24 Feb 2010

Green jobs' growth potential is limited, economist cautions

A Ethanol production and wind-turbine manufacturing have been two of the biggest sources of new green jobs in Iowa, but the state's biggest growth opportunity may be in research and development, an economist said. David Swenson, an economic development specialist at Iowa State University, said that ethanol production is leveling off and that there is stiff competition among states for manufacturing of wind turbine parts.
16 Jan 2010

Newton residents excited but skeptical at prospect of new jobs

Last month, wind turbine blade manufacturer TPI Composites officially opened its doors in Newton, promising 500 new jobs. Now an incentive plan by the city council hopes to add another 300 jobs. The problem, some former Maytag employees say, is that the county and state are paying for most of the cost of constructing the plant. They're worried that like Maytag, TPI could take the money and pull out of Newton. "I just hope they can live up to their agreements and continue to manufacture blades here in the community," said Maytag retiree Lonnie White.
13 Oct 2008

Wind energy industry picks up speed in Iowa

Wind energy is booming in Iowa, and backers say it's only the beginning. ...But the jobs could blow away, economists warn, just as other manufacturing jobs have disappeared because of competition and technological change. Other states want to attract manufacturers, too. Wind power depends on subsidies, and changes in government policies could dampen the enthusiasm for wind. ...John Solow, a University of Iowa economics professor, is cautiously optimistic about the future for wind generation and turbine manufacturing. Future policy decisions and technological innovations could change that, he said. A breakthrough in clean-burning coal, for example, could reduce interest in wind energy and biofuels, he said.
30 Dec 2007

Acciona To Build in West Branch

Next week Acciona Windpower will begin construction work next week on its first wind turbine plant in the United States - in West Branch. The facility, to be built at the site of the old Sauer-Danfoss building, is expected to be operational by the end of the year. It represents an investment of $23 million and will produce 250 wind turbines in 2008 using in-house technology.
26 Apr 2007
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