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Landowners on Clean Line route eye legislative bill

The bill, HF2056, would somewhat limit the company’s ability to use eminent domain to force landowners to let the lines cross their property. But lawmakers did drop one part of the proposed bill that would have required 25 percent of the energy carried on the high voltage line to stay in Iowa.
18 Feb 2014

Iowa GOP lawmakers propose limits on eminent domain

Three eastern Iowa legislators say they will co-sponsor bills to strengthen Iowans’ private property rights by limiting the taking of private property through the use of eminent domain to “public use” purposes. The target of their legislation is the Rock Island Clean Line, a $2 billion, 500-mile transmission line that would deliver wind en ergyin northwest Iowa
11 Jan 2014

Proposed power line project sparks controversy in Northeast Iowa

Grundy County farmer Ted Junker, and several of his neighbors, want nothing to do with Clean Line on their property. He said construction would compact the soil and create barriers he’d have to farm around forever. “We’re really not interested in having a power line near our property at all. And there’s no dollar amount I’d say let’s do it.”
19 Nov 2013

Property owners trying to stop proposed transmission line across Iowa

Opponents organized in July as the Preservation of Rural Iowa Alliance. According to documents filed with the utilities board, the nonprofit group claims it represents more than 100 landowners. Its website address suggests the group's main aim: The alliance's attorneys are encouraging landowners to press Clean Line's hand. The goal is to make Clean Line's "row very much harder to hoe."
17 Nov 2013

Group opposes power line project

Clean Line Energy of Texas wants to build a high voltage DC power line across northern Iowa and into Illinois to pipe electricity from Iowa’s wind farms to a number of eastern states. To move forward with the project, the company either has to negotiate easements with property owners or gain control of their land through eminent domain.     
10 Oct 2013

Palo Alto pulls support for Clean Lines project

"To say that we just have to farm around the poles, that's not totally true," said Merrill. "When the corn is high enough and you get bugs in it and can't get machinery over it to spray, the last couple of years we've used airplanes to spray and you can't do that with a power line" nearby.
8 Sep 2013

Rehearing requested on wind transmission ruling

Opponents of proposals to build a multistate line from Iowa east of the Mississippi River to bring wind-generated electricity to large urban markets have asked the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to reconsider its decision last month to allow the cost of such lines - estimated to be as high as $20 billion, to be spread to end users rather than borne entirely by the builders of the line.
22 Aug 2011

Wind energy producers face wall in moving power east

"Resistance from some Eastern states, Massachusetts in particular, has become stronger and stronger," said Stanley, part of a working group of 39 state energy and utility regulators. Easterners have made it clear that Iowa and the Midwest can build all the transmission it wants, so long as it pays all the costs. Midwesterners beg to differ.
31 Oct 2010

Price tag for wind transmission; $20 billion and up

The MidAmerican/AEP proposal is the only wind transmission plan. ITC Holdings of Michigan, which owns and operates Alliant Energy's transmission sysstem in Iowa, already as preliminary approval from federal regulators to approach investors about a similar line from the Dakotas through Iowa across the Mississippi River to serve urban markets to the east.
18 Oct 2010
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