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Wind Energy stalls in U.S., Iowa

But figures from the American Wind Energy Association released Friday show a dramatic drop in new projects during 2010. In 2009 about 10,000 megwatts of new capacity came on line nationally and another 4,000 megawatts were finished in the first quarter of 2010. But since then just 500 new megwatts of wind energy have been completed in the U.S.
30 Oct 2010

Horizon tests county for two possible wind projects

The transmission system for electricity is "entirely too congested at this point," he explained. "This is basically our first step," Yonnone said. "We need to get met towers up first to get a couple years under our belt of wind data, crunch the numbers and we determine whether or not the wind is viable for a larger wind project."
19 Oct 2010

County mulls $20M wind farm

The 3-megawatt turbines are already used abroad and North American customers are interested in buying them because they will make it feasible to build wind farms in less-windy places where smaller, 1.5 MW turbines will not work as well, she said. The larger rotor diameters mean less wind is necessary to turn the blades, Hazen said.
22 Sep 2010

ISU's wind power plans lagging

The farm is completely operable, Witt said, but the problem lies in the transmission of energy from its location near Zearing to Ames. The farm will need to upgrade its transmission lines before the university will be able to meet its goal, Witt said.
14 Jul 2010

Natural gas takes breeze from wind energy's sails

Michael O'Sullivan of NextEra Energy, Iowa's second-largest producer of wind power, told the American Wind Energy Association meeting in Dallas this week: "Our product is too expensive relative to other options. Our competitive advantage has largely evaporated." The sudden rise of natural gas is credited with throwing wind energy into another of its periodic slowdowns. Iowa, with 2,300 megawatts of wind electricity generation, trails only Texas among the 50 states in wind capacity.
27 May 2010

Marshall County passes wind farm ordinance

Wind turbines such as these could soon be built by the hundreds in Marshall County after recent passage of an ordinance regarding how they are taxed Tuesday. The turbines generate a clean, renewable electricity. Marshall County now has a new ordinance that should make wind farms a little easier to build in the county.
26 May 2010

Board gives TPI plant in Sioux City OK

A state economic development board today gave TPI a green light to go ahead with a proposal to build a new blade manufacturing plant in Sioux City, with members saying they believed the wind-energy company would hit its job-creation promises in Newton. ...State documents show the company has until July 30 to create 504 jobs in Newton.
20 May 2010

TPI slashes Newton workforce to 233

TPI Composites announced Wednesday it is laying off more than half of its workers by cutting approximately 237 positions at the Newton wind blade manufacturing plant. The company said in a press release that the layoffs were part of a restructuring process to "meet current and future customer and market expectations."
20 May 2010

Wind company TPI cuts jobs in Newton as it weighs new plant

A The wind blade manufacturer that's weighing construction of a plant in Sioux City said today it's unlikely it will meet the job-creation requirements for its plant in Newton by July. Arizona-based TPI Composites said it "continues to restructure its operations in Newton" and will reduce its workforce to 233. The company did not say how many workers would be cut in this latest round of layoffs.
19 May 2010

County would issue bonds to finance wind blade factory

A manufacturer of wind turbine blades is looking to bring a $38 million factory to Sioux City that would create 500 good-paying jobs. To land the large-scale project, the city and Woodbury County expect to construct the facility and then lease it back to the company, Arizona-based TPI Composites, according to documents filed Monday with the state of Iowa.
17 May 2010

TPI job cuts bring company back below benchmark

On April 23, TPI announced it was laying off an undisclosed amount of temporary employees. ...The blade manufacturer for "green" wind turbines has an agreement with local government agencies that by the end of 2010 it will hire 500 employees in return for $4.8 million in grants it was previously awarded.
29 Apr 2010

N-K school has wind turbine troubles

The district may need to repair a wind turbine it owns at the Joice wind farm. The turbine, purchased in about 2005, "trips out" - turns off and on - frequently, Nugent said. "It trips out far more than it should be," he said. ...Engineers from Denmark are scheduled to come in the fall for annual maintenance, but the district may have to fly them in earlier than that, Nugent said.
15 Apr 2010

Walcott considers wind energy regulations

The Walcott City Council is considering a wind energy ordinance that would cover the growing trend of roof-mounted turbines for residential or business use. The council passed the first of three readings Monday and will vote a second time April 19 after it gets answers to a few questions about heights from the city's zoning administrator.
10 Apr 2010

Residents tell Alliant to forgo rate hike

The rate increase request, filed earlier this month by Alliant subsidiary Interstate Power & Light, includes a proposed 14 percent increase, or $163 million. Alliant wants to invest in expanding renewable energy and reducing emissions.
7 Apr 2010

Huxley council passes first reading of wind energy ordinance

During the session, the council approved the first reading of a new ordinance that would allow small wind energy conversion systems (wind turbines) in industrial zones. The ordinance does not allow for wind turbines in residential or commercial areas. As stated in the ordinance, the intent is to "balance the need for clean, renewable energy resources with the need to protect the public health, safety and welfare."
18 Mar 2010

Iowans lose money on wind-energy venture

At least a dozen Iowans are trying to collect bought equipment or recoup money from a would-be wind turbine seller who closed up shop in Shenandoah, briefly enticed Colorado Springs, Colo., into a venture, and then vanished.
16 Mar 2010

Alliant seeks 13.8 percent rate increase

Alliant Energy's Iowa customers will be seeing higher bills this month to pay for the utility's investments in green energy. The utility plans to ask state regulators for a 13.8 percent, $163 million annual rate increase today to pay for a new $468 million wind farm, and to improve its ability to transmit energy from renewable sources.
11 Mar 2010

Alliant Energy files for electric rate increase

Alliant Energy filed a request with the Iowa Utilities Board Wednesday asking for an electric rate increase that would generate $163-million annually for the company. ...The costs include money spent on the Whispering Willow wind farm and environmental controls at its Lansing plant.
11 Mar 2010
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