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HB 1381 passes senate committee with amendment; Huhn calls it 'acceptable'

The Utility Committee seems to have heeded Huhn’s word. Senator Mark Messmer drafted what was referred to as Amendment Three, significantly changing the bill. This amendment grandfathers in counties that have more restrictions on renewable energy systems than the standards in the bill, like Henry County’s current wind energy conversion systems (WECS) ordinance. This amendment also reduces the noise limit a wind turbine can make to 50 db (it was higher in the original draft) and increases setbacks from municipalities and state parks to one mile. But most notably, the amendment does away with mentions of home rule, and changed the appeals process – instead of appealing to the IURC, complaints would be filed with the local circuit courts. This was done in an effort to keep more local control.
3 Apr 2021

Energy regulatory bill criticized; County opposes state controlling rules over wind, solar

The Allen County commissioners Friday joined with those of more than 40 other Indiana counties in opposing a state bill regulating renewable energy. Commissioners said House Bill 1381, which would set standards for wind and solar installations, would place decisions about them at the state level instead of in the hands of local officials. The bill includes setback requirements, height restrictions and sound-level rules usually handled by local plan commissions and zoning boards and would replace a patchwork of local rules.
27 Feb 2021

Defeat Indiana House Bill 1381!

Indiana has a policy of home rule that grants counties, cites, and towns "all the powers that they need for the effective operation of government as to local affairs." (IC 36-1-3-2) ... Wind companies are doing an end-around, quietly hoping you don't notice.  HB 1381 would remove the home rule. The bill has not become law yet, but we need to shine the light on this insidious power grab.  Learn how you can help.  
27 Jan 2021

Obama's plan: A massive new climate tax

Indiana’s electric cooperatives stand with the majority of Indiana’s congressional delegation in support of reasonable and responsible environmental regulation. Unfortunately, the President’s proposal is neither reasonable nor responsible.
26 Jun 2013

DeKalb County residents say they'll ban wind farms

Nearly a hundred people attended the meeting, and no one raised their hand when asked who favored the current ordinance. About a dozen people spoke out, and many people brought binders of research and handouts. DeKalb County residents are against the ordinance and said it needs to be more restrictive. Their biggest issue is the regulation on "setback" distance from a property.
22 Dec 2011

Bill pushes energy options besides wind

If the yardstick for judging SB 251 is whether it establishes an absolute mandate requiring utilities to buy a fixed percentage of wind power regardless of cost, then yes, the bill falls short. However, if you believe that energy reliability and affordability depend on developing a broad portfolio of energy options, then SB 251 meets that objective.
11 May 2011

Energy answer may be blowing over the water

Northwest Indiana may someday become a center of wind energy production, but without 100-meter tall turbines looming over houses. Lt. Gov. Becky Skillman said Wednesday that the Indiana Office of Energy Development and state environment and natural resources officials are working to figure out how to site wind turbines in Indiana's portion of Lake Michigan.
22 Jul 2010
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