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Wind energy zoning breezes into county

With at least one business interested in Whitley County for development of a wind energy system and a business in the commercial side of the industry located in Whitley County, local officials are trudging through a 17-page ordinance on regulation of wind farms.
20 Apr 2012

DeKalb County residents say they'll ban wind farms

Nearly a hundred people attended the meeting, and no one raised their hand when asked who favored the current ordinance. About a dozen people spoke out, and many people brought binders of research and handouts. DeKalb County residents are against the ordinance and said it needs to be more restrictive. Their biggest issue is the regulation on "setback" distance from a property.
22 Dec 2011

Commissioners willing to break social contract

We hoped and expected that these individuals [county commissioners] could find a middle ground for our community, to keep peace which is required in continuing the social contract. Instead, we have found, they are unwilling to listen to professional advice on the placements of these wind turbine towers and the sound that will flood neighboring abutters.
21 Apr 2011

County set to act on wind turbine rule

A final review could come Monday for Tippecanoe County's rules governing wind energy systems that are expected to sprout here in the next few years. Proposed changes to the county ordinance have sat on the back burner since early December, when some residents raised concern about raising noise limits for the systems.
20 Feb 2011

Regulating wind farms

The irritation Whitley County residents voiced over the late disclosure of the interest the plan commission president had in a potential wind farm is justified. But it should not deter county officials from adopting a needed ordinance regulating wind-energy projects throughout the county.
27 Nov 2010

Residents voice concerns over proposed wind farm

Concerned residents of Whitley County faced the county's plan commission Wednesday night with questions and strong comments about the possibility of wind-harnessing machines popping up throughout the county. The result of the several hour-long meeting was the commission decided to take another month to look at the issue.
21 Oct 2010

Tippecanoe settles on revised wind power rules

After months of wrangling, the county commissioners unanimously approved ordinance changes that will require turbines be placed at least 750 feet away from the property line and 1,200 feet from a dwelling ...residents who've spent the most time and energy fighting wind farm developments said Monday that they "reluctantly support" changes to the setback requirements.
3 Aug 2010

Boone County stalls wind-farm projects; 2 plans need support, push from residents

Two wind-farm proposals in western Boone County have been on hold for several months as county officials refuse to take the lead in either direction. Wind-farm developers Gestamp Wind North America and enXco have been offering some county landowners big money to lease land for the large wind turbines -- reportedly up to $14,000 per 400-foot turbine annually.
24 Jun 2010
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