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Councilman: Wind company could ask for new ERA

After millions of dollars were spent developing the project, the suit claims, the county revoked the project’s property tax incentives, adopted rules making a building permit impossible and then rushed to pass a zoning ordinance when the company threatened to sue. The county disputes Sugar Creek Wind’s complaints and said it would “vigorously defend” the suit.
11 Dec 2019

Council extends wind tax abatement

The reasons for the extension request, Nextera’s attorney Mary Solada told council Tuesday night – in front of a packed council chambers – is due to the project still needing a purchaser for the power which the project would create, in addition to complications in Rush County which prevented Nextera from filing their zoning application until just recently.
3 Nov 2016

Wind farm tax objections drafted

The first objection states that the real estate does not qualify as an ERA as defined by Indiana Code. “(Roberts) objects to any designation of the subject 21 square miles of real estate as described in the (county’s) preliminary resolution as an Economic Development Area. ...By law, an economic development area is supposed to be undesirable or impossible to develop for economic growth. The objection states that the area in question is “some of the most valuable and productive farmland in Henry County ....”
10 May 2016

Wind farm abatement fails at county council

Phipps said there are three standards to be looked at when considering abatement: job creation or retention; amount of income tax increase the project brings; and the increase in the taxable assessed property value. The project fails on two. "It is a $6 million abatement, and taxpayers are going to see three permanent jobs and less than $15,000 in an increase to local income tax collection." Phipps said.
16 Jun 2011

Value of wind farms to local governments questioned

Wind farms could be more valuable to local communities than riverboat casinos, but not if they don't pay their fair share of local property taxes. "The ones we've looked at, on average, the state is assessing each windmill an average of $1 million," said accountant Gregory Guerrettaz, president of Financial Solutions Group in Indianapolis. "So right there, you could be losing a differential of $4 million on taxes during the life of that windmill."
1 Mar 2010

Candidates disagree on wind energy

State Rep. Jack Lutz, R-Anderson, is facing criticism for opposing legislation to mandate the development of wind energy in Indiana. “Lutz’s response is that utilities should be free to set their own standards,” said rural Delaware County health worker Lee Ann Mengelt, a Democrat running for Lutz’s seat in the Nov. 7 election. Lutz said he opposed a proposed renewable electricity standard after co-chairing a legislative committee hearing that considered the issue in Muncie recently. The legislation would require each electricity supplier in Indiana to generate at least 10 percent of its total electricity from renewable energy sources — such as energy crops, organic waste, methane from landfills, solar cells and panels, fuel cells and wind — by 2017.
6 Oct 2006

Abatement next step for Benton wind plan

FOWLER -- Orion Energy LLC is moving closer to getting its Benton County wind farm project off the ground. The seven-member Benton County Council voted unanimously Thursday morning to approve a resolution that designates York and Richland townships as economic revitalization areas. That action clears the way for the council to consider a 10-year tax abatement for Orion. The company is planning to place a maximum of 135 electricity-generating wind turbines on farmland in the two townships in the northwest part of the county.
29 Sep 2006

Lutz opposes mandatory wind energy

Wind-energy proponents did not convince state Rep. Jack Lutz on Tuesday that Indiana should require electric companies to generate at least 10 percent of their electricity from wind, solar and other renewable sources by 2017. “I was very thrilled when I heard in August that Duke Energy did it voluntarily,” said Lutz, a Republican from Anderson who chairs the House Utilities and Energy Committee. “I think that’s proof we don’t need to mandate it.” Indiana’s first wind farm — to include up to 135 wind turbines — is under development on 10,000 acres in Benton County. Duke Energy Indiana has agreed to buy electricity from the project. During a day-long meeting Tuesday of the Indiana General Assembly’s Regulatory Flexibility Committee, which Lutz co-chairs, spokesmen said Indiana’s electric companies have been experimenting with generating electricity from the sun, animal waste, switch grass, wind and landfill gas.
27 Sep 2006

Windmill power faces legislative storm

With the state pushing the use of corn for gasoline, environmentalists and a group of farmers are fighting an uphill battle to have Indiana take a closer look at using windmills as power plants. The Indiana Coalition for Renewable Energy and Economic Development plans to push for legislation to require electric companies to provide at least 10 percent of their power from renewable resources by 2017. Similar requirements are in place in 20 other states.......The bill faces stiff opposition from utilities and Gov. Mitch Daniels, who opposed a similar bill this year.
25 Sep 2006

Wind could be next energy source to blow into Indiana

MUNCIE -- The ethanol industry in East Central Indiana is on the verge of a rapid expansion. Could that be followed by a wind energy boom? Yes, according to the Indiana Coalition for Renewable Energy and Economic Development (INCREED), which is trying to build support for state legislation to jump-start the wind-power industry in Indiana. "One of the things we want to dispel is that we don't have any wind capacity in Indiana," said Grant Smith, executive director of Citizens Action Coalition of Indiana, during a trip to Muncie last week.
17 Sep 2006

Wind farm proposal backed

FOWLER -- No opposition to a wind farm project proposed for Benton County was expressed during a public meeting here Thursday night. But some people would like to see Orion Energy LLC bring a little more cash to the table. The Benton County Council held the meeting to take comments on a resolution that designates Richland and York townships as economic revitalization areas. That step is necessary before the council can consider providing a 10-year tax abatement to the Oakland, Calif.-based company which is designing a wind farm that would place a maximum of 135 electricity-generating wind turbines on farm land in the two townships.
15 Sep 2006

Farmers, consumers want to put wind to work

A day after a landmark energy security summit in West Lafayette, a coalition of farm and consumer groups want to blow new life into the push for wind-generated electricity in Indiana. The Indiana Coalition for Renewable Energy and Economic Development (ICREED) wants the state to pass a renewable electricity standard, which would require 10 percent of Indiana's electricity to be generated from sources such as wind and bio-mass by 2017.
31 Aug 2006
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