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Sound still center of wind ordinance debate; Deadline for making changes to ordinance is looming

Two weeks after extending the moratorium for new wind energy developments through the end of 2014, Tipton County Commissioner Phil Heron said he is still not satisfied with some of the language in the revised ordinance ...The biggest hang-up with the ordinance involves a lack of a definitive base ambient sound level in the language.
1 Jan 2014

County signs off on noisier turbines

Rumble, rumble, rumble. Like an approaching freight train or thunderstorm rolling in. That's how one neighbor of a Benton County wind farm described the noise, as debate raged on for more than an hour Monday over proposed wind turbine noise limits in Tippecanoe County. The Tippecanoe County commissioners ultimately approved -- in a 2-1 vote -- higher sound limits.
22 Feb 2011

Many upset with turbine decibel limit

Five decibels have many Tippecanoe County property owners upset. Originally, the ordinance stated the turbine noise level average for an hour couldn't exceed 45 decibels, but a wind energy company asked the commissioners to reconsider to 55. Commissioners said they settled on 50 decibels.
21 Feb 2011

Wind mill noise limit still up in air

As wind energy farms prepare to sprout in Tippecanoe County, some residents are fighting a proposal that would allow for more noise -- and they fear nuisance -- from the developments. "This is not just a 'I can't stand that mosquito' kind of noise," said county resident Julie Peretin. "This is about quality of life."
4 Dec 2010

Turbines could create noise problems; Wind turbines generate more than just energy

Proposed wind farms in Tippecanoe County have some upset and worried about the noise caused by wind turbines. According to audiologists, new information is coming to light about exposure to wind turbine noise. It shows the turbines may be ruining quiet rural living for some. Julie Peretin said she has delayed moving her young family into a home that would situate them in the shadow of a future Tippecanoe County wind farm.
17 Nov 2010

Officials head to Benton County to investigate windmill noise concerns

As debate continues in Tippecanoe County over windmill regulations, a pair of county building commission officials went to see -- and hear -- windmills for themselves this week. Building Commissioner Ron Highland and Ken Brown, deputy building commissioner, visited Benton County on Tuesday to learn more about wind turbine developments and take sound measurements.
1 Apr 2010
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