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Regulating the wind ... turbines

Committee member Ron VonHolten suggested several changes, including eliminating a section that would have allowed shadow flicker problems to be addressed with plantings or awnings. He also said complaints should include shutting down the turbine from 10 p.m. until 7 a.m. until the problem is fixed. "If it's noise issues, you can't say, ‘Well, in 60 days, I get to sleep,'" he said.
3 Nov 2011

One step closer

Another change came in the area of shadow flicker. Under the ordinance, the primary residence of any non-participating landowner shall not be subject to any shadow flicker at all. Shadow flicker on other parts of the landowner's property will be allowed, but the allowable amount was decreased from 20 to five hours per year.
6 Oct 2011

Board updates wind turbine regulations

Board member Steve Schultz proposed requiring wind farm operators to first obtain County Board approval for turbines. Currently, applicants need only obtain approval from county staff in addition to clearing any necessary environmental hurdles. Shultz's proposal failed.
9 Sep 2011

Zoning issues up for debate

At stake is how the local government deals with issues ranging in impact from a person wanting to move his or her garage a few inches too close to the property line, to whether the county allows a company to erect 100 wind turbines in the area.
17 Aug 2011

Walnut approves more limited setbacks

After consulting with Village President Robert Brasen and reviewing current maps, LeSage recommended limiting wind turbines in the 1 to 1.5 mile range to the industrial use areas on the northwest and southeast areas of the village. Brasen said those areas would go along with the village's future plans, which would likely continue industrial growth in those areas.
7 Jul 2011

Regulation for wind turbines needed

We've seen the debris that was thrown by a malfunctioning turbine in DeKalb County. We've seen the blade that was left hanging after a lightning strike there, too. We've read about problems at other sites. We're concerned about the noise and sound that is created by the huge turbines.
19 Jun 2011

Woodford Co. sets wind farm ordinance

"Basically, you are giving that landowner the right, through ordinance to farm property that he has leased to somebody else," said committee member Duane Kingdon. "And you can't do that. You cannot give, by ordinance, the right for me to farm my neighbor's farm."
21 May 2011

Board extends moratorium on wind farms

Board chairman Jim Barnes assured the audience of approximately 120 that the subcommittee's recommendations will be carefully considered before they are approved or rejected by the county board. Three committees will consider the recommendations before the county board votes on them.
22 Apr 2011

No Walnut Ridge recommendation made

Karen House of Edison Mission Group was present to address the 19 complaints that have been filed regarding television reception, and 12 complaints each filed on noise and shadow flicker issues with the project. House said representatives would be in the area next week to meet with landowners. ...Money was the primary mitigant for the problems.
5 Apr 2011

We'll know next week ...

The Bureau County Zoning Board of Appeals expects to make its recommendation next week as to whether or not to grant an extension for conditional use permits issued three years ago for the Walnut Ridge wind farm project.
26 Mar 2011

To be continued ...

A final decision on whether to extend the conditional use permits for the proposed Walnut Ridge wind farm will not be made until at least March 17. More than 100 people filled the large courtroom in the Bureau County Courthouse Monday night for the resumed Zoning Board of Appeals meeting. The meeting had begun Feb. 17, but was recessed after 30 minutes because the developer of the project did not have legal counsel.
1 Mar 2011
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