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Wind-farm rule changes could see board's vote as early as May

“But it will probably be at least May” at the earliest, said Randy Ferguson, a Gibson City resident who chairs the five-member committee, “because (County Clerk & Recorder) Amy (Frederick) has an election (in April) and (State’s Attorney) Andrew (Killian) has a bunch of court dates coming up. So the next stage is going to be slowed because of that.”
5 Mar 2019

Ill. Supreme Court ruling stalls transmission line project

William Shay, the lead attorney for the alliance, said the court agreed with the Illinois Landowners Alliance, Farm Bureau and ComEd on the definition of public utility. "The Court noted that nothing stops Rock Island (Clean Line) from seeking to develop its project as a private facility, but it will not have public utility status, including the right to condemn landowner easements through eminent domain," he added.
23 Sep 2017

State high court will hear Clean Line appeal

Ricl_route_thumb The energy company has faced 4 years of fierce legal opposition led by the Illinois Landowners Alliance, the Illinois Farm Bureau, and ComEd. Clean Line Energy learned Nov. 23 of the high court’s decision to review the appellate court’s ruling. The company maintains that the project would bring low-cost clean energy, hundreds of good jobs, and revenue for communities in the project areas.
29 Nov 2016

Transmission line faces court challenge

“Too many aspects of the ICC’s final order put landowner rights, livelihoods and investments at risk. Whatever the outcome of RICL, it will set case law and precedent for future private companies hoping to grab rights to our private property,” said ILA board member Curt Jacobs in a prepared statement.
21 Feb 2015

ICC grants Rock Island Clean Line conditional permission for powerline; Decision does not grant authority needed to request eminent domain.

Issuance of a CPCN gives RICL the right to survey and engage in other pre-siting activities but landowners do not have to grant easements to RICL.  The Illinois Farm Bureau® (IFB), the Illinois Landowners Alliance, ComEd and the ICC staff argued that the ICC should not grant RICL authority under Section 8-503 of the PUA directing and authorizing construction of the transmission line.
26 Nov 2014

Wind energy transmission line OK'd; Electricity generated in western Kansas will be sold in eastern states

The approval depends on the developer, Clean Line Energy, getting approvals from the Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana state utility commissions before starting construction in Kansas. The order also specified that construction must begin within five years, and that Clean Line can’t recover any of its costs from Kansas ratepayers.
7 Nov 2013

County residents speak out against Rock Island Clean Line at public forum

At a public forum on Monday, residents of La Salle County spoke out against a proposed power transmission line that would run through the county. The forum was at the Mendota High School gymnasium and was moderated by the Illinois Commerce Commission, which is in the process of considering Rock Island Clean Line's application to build a 3,500-megawatt high voltage direct current power transmission line across Illinois.
29 Oct 2013

Ameren proposes major transmission line construction

"There are now 5,000 megawatts of wind generation seeking to connect to the Ameren transmission system in Missouri and Illinois. Because of our central location, our transmission facilities are becoming a thoroughfare for routing wind power from other areas as well," Maureen Borkowski, CEO of the newly formed Ameren Transmission Co. (ATX), said in a conference call.
3 Aug 2010

Putting wind-generated power where it's needed

But while regulators are paving the way for wind-farm development with tax credits and loosened regulations, the key challenge facing those developers is that existing transmission lines, substations and transformers are inadequate to handle the amount of energy expected to come from wind farms in various stages of development across the country. There's already a waiting list for wind-farm developers who want to hook into the existing grid.
29 Mar 2010
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