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Windfall documentary a must-see on Aug. 15

I caution those for or leaning toward industrial turbines. First watch the documentary "Windfall" by Laura Israel. You'll see the farming town of Meridith, N.Y., transformed from congenial community to unfriendly factions, purposefully orchestrated by artful wind developers pitting neighbor against neighbor, strong-arming municipalities, targeting the town's council, and practicing the dirty politics of clean energy.
11 Aug 2012

Panel recommends wind farm in Whiteside County

Whiteside County's zoning panel on Wednesday unanimously recommended the approval of a wind farm in the county's southeastern corner. The decision followed more than 2 months of public hearings, including much feedback from nearby residents opposed to the project.
2 Aug 2012

Wind power in the Windy City: Not there when needed

Wind almost never blows when the weather is hottest and the demand for electricity is highest. That stark truth hasn't stopped state and federal policymakers from using consumer and taxpayer dollars to fund aggressive state renewable portfolio standards and generous federal subsidies to add expensive wind power to the nation's electricity grid.
25 Jul 2012

District: Turbine not up to speed; School contends savings falling short of promises

"When the parties entered into the performance contract, it was understood and agreed that JCI cannot control wind speed or consistency," Claudius Anderson, a Johnson Controls regional operations manager, said in an April 23 letter to Cox. ...The district's claim for payment for an "alleged energy savings shortfall is not consistent with - nor is it in the spirit of - the agreement," Anderson wrote.
9 Jul 2012

Deer Grove residents oppose wind farm

JC Henrekin, a fourth-generation farmer from Deer Grove, thought a wind farm was a good idea at first. He changed his mind. Henrekin was among a number of Deer Grove residents who spoke out Wednesday. They attended the last of the public hearings for Ireland-based Mainstream Renewable Power's nine proposed turbines in southeastern Whiteside County.
21 Jun 2012

Money meant for wind, solar power loses steam as customers shift from utility giants

By law, 25 percent of Illinois' electricity must come from wind, solar and other renewable resources by 2025. But as more municipalities elect to buy power from suppliers other than Commonwealth Edison Co. and Ameren Illinois, developers of renewable energy are losing confidence that their projects will be funded long term. Some have already given up on Illinois.
31 May 2012

Wind farm project stalls

But 18 months later, no development of the Minonk Stewardship Wind LLC project has occurred, and county officials have begun to wonder if the project will move forward within a regulatory time frame set by county ordinance.
15 May 2012

D300 takes wind out of power plan

With little fanfare, the Community Unit School District 300 Board drove a spike into an intergovernmental agreement to develop wind energy to power its schools. But, ...there was no feasible way to fund the venture without large upfront investment.
10 Apr 2012

Rankin regulates wind turbines near town

The ordinance, approved 6-0 last Thursday, amends Rankin's zoning code to give the village regulatory authority over commercial and private wind turbines within 1 1/2 miles of the town. Trustee Lynn Magers suggested the ordinance in February, saying she was personally concerned about possible "health issues" associated with wind turbines being built too close to homes.
10 Apr 2012

Lee County Board official: No delays on wind rules

The ordinance includes a setback of 1,400 feet between houses and turbines, which is what the county has required of wind farms on a case-by-case basis. The special committee, however, wants to increase that setback to 2,000 feet between nonparticipating landowners' property lines and turbines. That would be the state's longest setback.
4 Apr 2012

Offshore wind farms get further scrutiny

The move is one step toward speeding up government approval and permits so that offshore wind farms can eventually be developed, officials said. But the action falls short of creating laws, regulations or even setting the evaluation standards. It does not establish how long it will take before offshore wind farms can go from being an idea to a reality.
2 Apr 2012

District 300 scraps plans for wind farm

"But we realized we weren't going to save any money with the agency," Crates said. "We could have done it for break even, but that wasn't one of our goals," Crates said. Plus, federal grants to help finance wind farms dried up last year, she said.
2 Mar 2012

A Mainstream offer

The offer acknowledged complaints about turbines such as noise, shadow flicker and interference with television reception. "It is true that turbines are not silent; however, we plan carefully to ensure that our wind farms operate to acceptable levels," the offer states. ...Opponents say the state rules aren't sufficient. Mainstream also said wind turbines can affect TV reception, depending on the layout. "If we cause problems with your television reception, we will work with you to sort it out at our expense."
23 Feb 2012
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