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Wind farm complaints prompt review of rules

Michael Creech had planned to retire at the family homestead, a two-story farmhouse among square miles of farmland east of Hope in western Vermilion County. But he said he's changed his mind ...mostly because of the noise. There are three different noises, a whooshing sound from the blades turning, a droning noise that he compares to a jet engine, and noise from the motors when the turbines change position.
10 Mar 2013

Lee County's bizarre journey to openness

For months, the county bizarrely fought against the public's right to have access to that information. All 28 Lee County Board members stayed publicly quiet as this happened. The transcripts were done by a court reporter hired by Mainstream Renewable Power ...The proposed wind farm is controversial. Many neighboring residents don't want it, fearing their property values will decline, among other concerns. They want all the information they can about the project.
19 Feb 2013

Stick to education

From numbers acquired from this FOIA request, it was determined there is an accumulated five-year loss of more than $130,000. At the end of 10 years, when the last of the turbine's loan payments are scheduled to be made, the district can be projected to have a deficit of more than $260,000 if the expenses or repairs don't go up. In the most recent year alone, the annual insurance and maintenance expenses have risen more than $2,000.
8 Jan 2013

Turbines may hurt animals

Under questioning from attorney Rick Porter, who is representing residents fighting the wind farm, Shank confirmed he was aware that Mainstream was planning to take no measures to mitigate the harm to the ornate box turtle and the plains hognose snake.
3 Jan 2013

Woman: ‘We were handcuffed'

Margina Schwartzbach says there was a reason she never objected beforehand to a planned wind turbine next to her home: No one told her about it. The West Brooklyn woman says she found out about it when the project started - more than a year after the county approved it.
31 Dec 2012

Lee County wind farm issue

But Brooklyn Township trustee Wesley Englehart said the company needs to make at least $620,000 more in improvements to township roads and bridges. He said the township's lawyer is working on the situation and that Goldwind has nearly $1 million in an escrow account to deal with such problems. In one instance, Englehart said, the company must replace a big box culvert.
14 Dec 2012

Turbine damage raises concerns for Livingston County wind farm

In light of recent turbine damage in Vermillion and Champaign counties, Livingston County officials have raised concerns regarding the wind farm in their county. Last week, a blade broke at the recently built California Ridge Wind Farm in Vermillion and Champaign counties. The turbine is near Route 49 and Vermillion County Road 2700 North, a few miles southwest of Potomac and south of Armstrong.
5 Dec 2012

Wind farm complaint

Suzlon Energy Ltd. filed its complaint against Big Sky earlier this year claiming Big Sky improperly refused to make a prepayment for turbines supplied to Big Sky. The Ohio-based wind farm bought 114 Suzlon turbines in October 2009 for the Big Sky project.
30 Nov 2012

Firm tries to find why wind turbine blade broke

The firm that operates the recently built California Ridge Wind Farm in Vermilion and Champaign counties said it is looking into how a wind turbine's blade broke on Tuesday night. Chicago-based Invenergy LLC released a statement Wednesday, saying that one of the wind farm's 134 turbines "experienced a broken blade last night" but how the damage occurred was not immediately known.
29 Nov 2012

Zoning panel rejects wind farm

"The members felt a strong obligation to follow the ordinance," member Barry Welbers said. "They did follow it stringently. Whether it's the most perfect ordinance, that remains to be seen." Welbers said he voted down the turbines because the company's plan didn't comply with the ordinance.
21 Nov 2012
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