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Wind farm plans still moving forward

Chris Nickell, vice president of site establishment for Springfield Project Development, said Wednesday that plans for the wind farm had to be redrawn after the Sangamon County Board changed the zoning rules last year and required that large wind turbines had to be farther from property lines and houses.
31 Oct 2013

County residents speak out against Rock Island Clean Line at public forum

At a public forum on Monday, residents of La Salle County spoke out against a proposed power transmission line that would run through the county. The forum was at the Mendota High School gymnasium and was moderated by the Illinois Commerce Commission, which is in the process of considering Rock Island Clean Line's application to build a 3,500-megawatt high voltage direct current power transmission line across Illinois.
29 Oct 2013

Wind farm owner says progress being made in legal dispute with township

McGrath said “clearly Sheldon Township has given (E.On) significantly more than a reasonable opportunity to complete the necessary repairs.” McGrath noted that concerns about deficient road work had been raised by Yana since September 2011, two months before the wind farm was even finished. E.On, in court filings, denies that it breached the contract but argues that Sheldon Township did.
24 Oct 2013

Wind farm debate still going strong in Boone county

He said the 1,500-foot setback from the property lines “is a good compromise.” However, the current ordinance doesn’t look at the height of the wind turbines, which he said have grown over the years. Some can reach up to 500 feet. “We want to ensure the health, safety and welfare of the residents as well as the property values of land owners,” he said.
7 Oct 2013

A setback for wind farms

Alt said there have been residents from within all the area wind farms voicing concerns with noise and other issues. He said not all their stories are the same, but they are close, and he can't believe they are all making it up. The wind companies disagree with such claims, and board members have challenged them for proof. "And I can't see why we should OK something that draws this much controversy from people who don't have anything to do with them."
15 Sep 2013

Residents sue over wind farm in Lee County; Nearly 60 landowners say project will hurt them

The lawsuit said the wind farm is incompatible with surrounding land uses, will decrease property values, destroy views, create shadow flicker and "incessant and annoying" noise, and hurt wildlife. The lawsuit also identified procedural errors. The company, for instance, failed to provide a turbine layout, a noise model, or a plan for how it would decommission abandoned turbines, the lawsuit said.
16 Aug 2013

Wind turbines do not make good neighbors

Turbines should not be sited near homes, period. ...Once you allow turbines to invade your area there is nothing the Vermilion County Board can do to help you. Trust me, you do not want to live in a wind turbine hell as my family does. I suggest you do your homework now instead of paying for it later.
1 Aug 2013

Wind farm owner sued for $1.8M

The lawsuit claims the work, which was required to be done by E.On as part of a "road upgrade and maintenance agreement," remains "deficient." The poor roads cover a five-mile radius, the suit states.
22 Jul 2013

Wind farm construction stalls in La Salle County

Iberdrola Renewables first started looking at La Salle County in 2006. "In part, the challenge we are facing in Illinois and nationally is the lingering effect of the recession, which has resulted in a lack of demand for new electricity," said Paul Copleman, spokesman for Iberdrola. will not start until Iberdrola is able to secure a long-term agreement from an electricity purchaser.
15 Jul 2013

Iroquois County Board approves more restrictions on wind farms

The Iroquois County Board approved more restrictive wind farm regulations Tuesday, focusing on health, safety and property rights of residents. ... Board member Marvin Stichnoth, a lifelong Stockland Township resident, focused on health issues. "I think of my neighbors... praying that the wind doesn't blow so they can get a decent night's sleep ... praying for cloudy days so they don't get shadow flicker that causes nausea and headaches for many people. ...
11 Jul 2013

County board must update its wind farm ordinance

Vermilion County Board officials clearly heard what the current WECS project has done to many rural residents. Families know their property values and physical health have declined while the dominating effects of these industrial machines have ignored property lines, invaded homes and split neighborhoods.
28 Jun 2013
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