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Walnut approves setbacks

The village of Walnut has drawn a line in the sand, and it’s about 1.5 miles outside the village limits. At Monday’s village board meeting, trustees approved two motions to regulate the construction of wind turbines near the village limits.
7 Jun 2011

Settlement reached on wind farm litigation

Pierson said an independent engineer was hired to assess the damage to local roads and to determine the percent of damage done by each of the wind farms. When the study was completed, two of the wind farms paid their assessed damage allocation, but Iberdrola balked.
13 May 2011

Wind farm company contests citations

A Minnesota-based wind farm servicing company is contesting six willful safety violations that resulted from an incident at the Iberdola Streator Cayuga Ridge South Wind Farm near Odell Oct. 20. The proposed fines for the citations total $378,000. A wind farm technician reportedly experienced severe burns from an electrical arc flash during the incident.
13 May 2011

Wind energy forum draws protestors

"We're here to get the message out to Mrs. Jakobsson and other representatives and the public this message that wind is not a viable, reliable source of energy to depend on." Ihrke said the effectiveness of wind energy has no scientific backing to it.
26 Apr 2011

County board says no to moratorium

At Thursday's meeting, the board voted against a proposed moratorium or "time out" on future wind farm development, with a 7 yes, 17 no vote. Instead, the board voted unanimously to direct the Zoning Committee to work quickly on amending the existing zoning ordinance concerning wind farms.
16 Apr 2011

Zoning Board recommends closing door on extensions

Objections centered around existing problems which some residents are having with the Big Sky wind farm near Ohio. Those problems were stated by objectors as interrupted television reception, shadow flickering caused by the turning turbine blades, noise levels, and the lack by the Big Sky owners to take care of those problems in a timely fashion.
1 Apr 2011

Premature adjournment left wind farm issues unresolved

The committee was dissolved prematurely. None of the most important issues, including noise, setbacks, shadow flicker, property values and decommissioning, were given due consideration. The fact that the committee spent about 10 minutes out of the entire eight meetings on setbacks speaks to the inadequacy of the entire process.
26 Mar 2011

Walnut Ridge still up in the air

Porter said a lot of new information has been learned about wind farms since Bureau County issued the three-year Walnut Ridge conditional use permits in 2008, in the months of August, November and December. Bureau County needs to go back to its zoning ordinances and stipulations before going ahead.
19 Mar 2011

Wind farm plan shocks board

Apparently, some board members didn't know of the proposed project until they read about it in the newspaper. At the board's monthly meeting Tuesday, member Bill Milby, whose district includes Deer Grove, said a number of people have contacted him expressing their concerns about the proposed wind farm.
16 Mar 2011
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