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New judge appointed 
in local wind farm fight

The 450-page, 117-count complaint, filed June 30, claims the County Board did not have the authority or jurisdiction to grant the original conditional-use permits to Walnut Ridge Wind in August 2008, nor the authority to approve the permit-extension requests in April.
6 Sep 2011

Wind farm developer has no agreement to sell power yet

The developer of a proposed 30-turbine wind farm in Champaign County does not yet have a deal with a utility to buy the output of the project, an attorney for Invenergy LLC admitted Thursday. But "an agreement is in fairly advanced stage of negotiation" with an unnamed utility, Invenergy attorney Michael Blazer told the Champaign County Zoning Board of Appeals.
2 Sep 2011

Official wants all towns protected

A Whiteside County Board member is questioning the county's approach to how far wind turbines should be sited away from towns. Jim Duffy, D-Sterling, said it sounded like the decision about the required distance between turbines and houses already had been made.
10 Aug 2011

Official backs bigger wind farm setback rule

At least one member of a Lee County committee is pushing for a longer required distance between wind turbines and homes. The distance is now 1,400 feet ...Many wind farm opponents say that it should be much longer. Some are suggesting it be as far as 1.25 miles away from property lines.
5 Aug 2011

Wind turbine stays in Libertyville

Judge Mitchell Hoffman said Thursday that while the court found the village of Libertyville violated its wind farm statute, the residents did not provide significant evidence nor did they act on their objections in a timely manner.
22 Jul 2011

Wind farm debate continues to divide city

Without a clear state plan in place, the city decided it cannot and will not move forward in a more decisive way, nor do all residents or aldermen wish the city to pursue the wind farm more proactively. Questions about actual benefits for Evanston residents and the cost of dedicating city staff time to the project were raised during the meeting.
21 Jul 2011

Township adopts 2,000-foot setback for wind turbines

The board of supervisors for Douglas Township, an area around Gilman in west-central Iroquois County, passed a 2,000-foot setback for wind turbines in June - believed to be the first time a township in Illinois has adopted a wind turbine setback more restrictive than its county's, according to Illinois Wind Energy Association.
20 Jul 2011

Worried About Wind

Harrison said he will be living within 1,100 feet of one turbine and within a mile of three turbines proposed as part of E.On Climate & Renewables' 94-turbine Pioneer Trail Wind Farm. Besides the new scenery, he said he is concerned about the noise and shadow flicker the turbines could produce and the possible effects on his health and on the value of his property as a result.
20 Jul 2011

Voters back turbine ban

Logan, who campaigned for the ban, said he was surprised the vote was so overwhelmingly against turbines. "This is an accurate reflection on how people feel," he said. He said that although the village board wasn't legally bound to the voters' will, it was ethically obligated to follow suit.
14 Jul 2011

County committee approves wind farm project

With Wednesday's approval, the Invenergy application now moves on to the full county board for final approval. Vermilion County Board Chairman Jim McMahon confirmed after the committee meeting the issue will be brought before the county board at its meeting Tuesday.
7 Jul 2011

Lawsuit filed

The complaint claims the county board did not have the authority or jurisdiction to grant the original conditional use permits to Walnut Ridge Wind LLC in August 2008, nor the authority to approve the permit extension requests granted by the county board in April 2011.
2 Jul 2011

Firm seeks to build wind farm in Vermilion, Champaign counties

Vermilion County Board Chairman Jim McMahon said that Invenergy submitted its application Friday along with a $100,000 permit fee for the proposed 214-megawatt California Ridge Wind Energy Project. John Hall, planning director and zoning administrator for Champaign County, said Champaign has not yet received an application from Invenergy.
15 Jun 2011
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