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Dear Maui: It's Your Turn!

Remember several years ago, when Lanai and Molokai were the targets of the undersea cable? One of the corporate partners of Pattern, Michael Cyrus, had this to say about us: "You have to go through this process of noise, where you let people feel that they had a platform to speak, but you can't let the noise distract you." Now it's your turn, Maui.
16 Sep 2013

Planned wind farm opponents: ‘Long road'

"There's a long road ahead for us," said Robin Kaye, a spokesman for the group Friends of Lana'i, which opposes a proposed wind farm project on the island's north end because of the development's cultural and environmental impacts. "Our focus in the next six to nine months is to educate folks on Oahu how much this is going to cost."
4 May 2012

Hawaii weighs undersea cable to deliver wind power

Hawaii is looking to deliver nearly 400 megawatts of energy from wind farms on sparsely populated Molokai and Lanai to the most populous island, Oahu, via an undersea transmission cable. ...It involves building two large wind farms across more than 12,000 acres and then laying down the cable to deliver the energy. One cannot happen without the other, yet it is far from a sure bet.
7 Jun 2010
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