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35-MW wind farm is proposed in Ulupalakua

Auwahi Wind is seeking to build another wind farm with up to seven turbines and a generating capacity of 35 megawatts adjacent to its existing facility on Ulupalakua Ranch land on the leeward slopes of Haleakala. ...Auwahi’s current wind farm, which went online in December 2012, has eight turbines and a generating capacity of 21 MW.
30 Apr 2020

Honolulu Resolution 19-305 establishes 5-mile setback from wind turbines

Res19-305_thumb A proposal to prohibit wind turbines from being installed within 5 miles of any neighboring properties received tentative approved by the Honolulu City Council Zoning Committee. The resolution is presented below and can be accessed at the document links on this page. City officials acknowledged the resolution could effectively eliminate future development of wind farms anywhere on Oahu. Councilwoman Heidi Tsuneyoshi introduced Resolution 19-305 in response to the outcry in the Kahuku community over the development of the Na Pua Makani wind-power project. AES Corp. has permits from the city to site eight 568-foot wind turbines.
12 Mar 2020

Zoning proposal could restrict Oahu wind farm installations

The Honolulu City Council Zoning Committee approved the resolution last week banning installation of the windmills within 5 miles of neighboring properties, The Honolulu Star-Advertiser reported Sunday. City officials warned the change would essentially eliminate future development of wind farms anywhere on Oahu. The resolution must be passed by the full city council before going into effect.
9 Mar 2020

City lawmaker pushing to restrict future turbines from being built too close to communities

"After everything the community of Kahuku has gone through, I think the one lesson definitely learned is that the process wasn't followed in a way that really addressed the community's concern about how close these turbines are to farms, homes and schools," Councilmember Tsuneyoshi said. If passed, Tsuneyoshi's resolution would require that companies build turbines of more than 100 kilowatts at least five miles away from property lines.
26 Nov 2019

55 protesters arrested as wind farm convoy completes journey to Kahuku

“Today is not the end. We’re still going to be fighting,” said Kamalani Keliikuli, vice president of Ku Kiai Kahuku. “We just don’t want the turbines, and we want them to listen to us. We’re in it for the fight.” The arrests started Thursday night in Kalaeloa, where hundreds gathered to try to stop the equipment from leaving a base yard for the North Shore.
19 Oct 2019

Kahuku wind farm building while legal and regulatory challenges loom

The Intermediate Court of Appeals is reviewing whether a key component of the windmill project’s environmental review is adequate. The challenge by Keep the North Shore Country is likely to carry on in court well into next year. “Should we prevail then these guys might not be able to operate,” said Sen. Gil Riviere, who represents the area at the legislature and is part of the Keep the North Shore Country group. 
19 Oct 2019

Maui wind farm files PUC complaint

A Maui wind farm operator has filed a complaint against Maui Electric Co. and its parent, Hawaiian Electric Co., with the state Public Utilities Commission. UPC Hawaii Holdings, which runs the Kaheawa Wind Power farm above Maalaea, is asking the commission to investigate the process the utility used in selecting a second wind farm project for the island. UPC Hawaii had proposed expanding its current 20-turbine farm, which supplies 30 megawatts of power to Maui Electric, to add another 21 megawatts of power. But HECO selected another project bid by Shell Wind for a farm in Ulupalakua on the east side of Maui. HECO spokesman Peter Rosegg said the decision was based on location.
6 Feb 2008

Wind Companies Consider Molokai Ranch Land

Soaring fuel prices and steady tradewinds are making wind the new oil in Hawaii. As wind companies scramble to gain a foothold across the state, Molokai Ranch land is emerging as a sought after resource. During a Hawaii State Office of Planning meeting on Molokai in late May, it was revealed that there are two wind companies competing for the build-out of wind farms on Molokai Ranch land.
21 Jun 2007

Clarke: Lanai power line to Oahu feasible

Former Hawaiian Electric Industries Chairman Bob Clarke says the transmission of electricity from Lanai to Oahu by undersea cable is feasible because the ocean isn't as deep as on some other paths considered in the past. Castle & Cooke, which owns most of Lanai, said last week it not only has hired a Mainland company to build a solar power farm for Lanai's electric needs, but it is also seriously considering a massive wind power farm with the idea of selling the power to Hawaiian Electric for use on Oahu.
10 Jun 2007

Lanai could get $750-million windfarm

Castle & Cooke Inc. yesterday said it may build a $750 million wind farm on Lana'i that could provide 15 percent to 20 percent of O'ahu's power needs. The company, which owns 98 percent of Lana'i, is conducting wind and other feasibility studies in preparation for a decision on whether to build what would be the state's largest wind farm, said Castle & Cooke President Harry Saunders. "Our intention is to go forward," Saunders said yesterday. "We're hoping to have a ‘go' or ‘no go' decision by the end of the year."
6 Jun 2007

Permit sought for wind towers

Kaheawa Wind Power II LLC has applied for a state conservation district use permit to install four 200-foot-tall meteorological measurement towers to gather data on wind speed and direction for possible expansion of its wind farm above Ukumehame. The towers, which would be secured by guy wires, would take measurements for at least six months, according to the company’s permit application. Kaheawa Wind Power operates 20 1.5-megawatt wind turbines in the same area that produces 30 megawatts for Maui Electric Co. An environmental assessment is not required for the temporary towers.
5 Mar 2007

Energy Choices for Hawaii

Both senatorial candidates as did many other candidates used the same talking points for Hawaii’s energy future. Many uniformly supported and promoted wind, solar, and ethanol, as the road to energy nirvana. The politics of Hawaii demands an absolute deference to these energy sources or risk political oblivion. But it needs to be said that a state or nation heavily dependent upon these future energy sources is in serious trouble. Yet this is where the political forces of Hawaii are leading.
4 Oct 2006

BLNR allows talks on wind farm’s growth

HONOLULU – A request to negotiate a lease for state land on the Kealaloloa Ridge for expansion of the Kaheawa Wind Power plant was approved Friday but with strict conditions for additional studies on environmental and visual impacts. The state Board of Land and Natural Resources also made clear that the authorization for the state Land Division to initiate negotiations for a direct lease did not mean a lease will be granted, Land Board Chairman Peter Young said. Approval of a lease “will be subject to a review of all of the environmental issues,” he said.
24 Sep 2006

Kaheawa Wind Power seeks to generate lease for major expansion

HONOLULU – With 20 1.5-megawatt wind generators in place, Kaheawa Wind Power is seeking a lease to expand on 325 acres on the slopes above McGregor Point. The lease request has raised concerns over environmental and visual impacts that have generated criticism from some residents of Maui, according to a report being submitted today to the state Board of Land and Natural Resources. Kaheawa Wind Power is seeking a negotiated lease for state land adjoining the 200-acre wind farm that went into operation in June. The submittal to the land board meeting this morning in Honolulu includes a recommendation to allow the state Land Division to negotiate a direct lease to Kaheawa Wind Power II LLC with rental of $12,000 a year. The expansion proposal would add up to 18 wind turbines and supporting equipment capable of producing up to 27 megawatts of electrical power.
23 Sep 2006

New Maui wind farm seeks to double in size

Just a few months after the state’s largest wind farm started spinning electrical power on Maui, its owners are considering doubling it in size. In June, Kaheawa Wind Power began operating 20 wind turbines that can generate up to 30 megawatts of electricity on the windy slopes above Maalaea Harbor. Now the company is asking the state Board of Land and Natural Resources for a lease on a 325-acre parcel of state land immediately west of the 200-acre parcel it currently occupies.
20 Sep 2006

Kahuku top pick again for wind farm

An Oregon company wants to build Hawai'i's most powerful wind farm along the Kahuku coast, not far from the green hills where Hawaiian Electric Co. is re-evaluating the area for a wind farm after failing nearby with an earlier project. West Wind Works LLC wants to build 20 turbines capable of producing 50 megawatts of power on 1,100 acres at the northernmost point of O'ahu, including in an area near the abandoned Kahuku Airfield, said company president Keith Avery. At the same time, Hawaiian Electric is talking to the military about testing wind patterns near Kahuku and possibly using U.S. Army land for a project.
15 Sep 2006
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