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Pattern Energy stays committed to wind farm

Opposition to the project was intensified because Molokai Ranch, which has a history of tension with the community, was supporting Pattern Energy. "Personally, I don't think this project will go forward if Molokai Ranch has any part of it," Karen Holt, executive director of the Molokai Community Service Council, told PBN.
24 Jun 2011

PUC OKs deal aiding Hawaii in energy goal

The Public Utilities Commission has approved a power purchase agreement that will allow Sempra Generation to begin selling wind-generated power to Maui Electric Co. perhaps as soon as early 2013. MECO will initially pay 20 cents per kilowatt hour.
17 Jun 2011

Big Wind discussion stymied

"It is time for open discussion and debate in the community on the benefits and the overall question of whether expenses associated with the Big Wind project are reasonable," McLeod wrote. "We ask guidance from the PUC on where you would like to see this discussion occur." The mayor's office followed up the three-page letter with a request on June 6 to intervene in a PUC case.
12 Jun 2011

Big Wind controversy continues to swirl

"Critical decisions about the size, scope, location and nature of the wind farms are being made in dockets opened before the Public Utilities Commission based upon documents that are hidden, by protective orders, from nonparties before any Environmental Impact Statement is prepared in violation of the law."
9 May 2011

Calls for halt of big wind

As Pattern Energy begins taking action on Molokai to develop a wind farm, two groups are denouncing the Big Wind project, and calling for the neighbor island bidding process to start from scratch.
1 May 2011

Unused wind farm raises decommissioning issues

Removing turbines from the inactive Kamaoa wind farm would cost an estimated $1 million. Decommissioning plans are becoming common practice for new wind farms, but there is no state statute mandating what must be done after the project is no longer in use.
29 Apr 2011

First Wind challenges direction of 'Big Wind' project

In a recent letter to the state Public Utilities Commission, Gaynor described the agreement between Castle & Cooke and Pattern Energy as being in direct violation of the original agreement between Hawaiian Electric Co., Castle & Cooke and First Wind, in addition to going against stipulations included in the PUC's original order approving the agreement.
27 Apr 2011

Hawaii doubles down on 'Big Wind,' seeking long-term energy solution

The project faces stiff opposition from Lanai and Molokai residents, who argue the large wind farms will destroy their islands' remote character, breathtaking vistas, hunting grounds and sacred native Hawaiian sites. Opponents also say the two islands should not have to shoulder the project's most significant impacts while the clean energy is enjoyed by cosmopolitan Oahu.
15 Apr 2011

California firm joins Molokai wind project

First Wind missed the deadline, citing its inability to secure land for the wind proj­ect. First Wind, which is not an official party in the case before the PUC, asked HECO to petition the commission for a deadline extension on its behalf. When HECO declined, First Wind appealed directly to the PUC.
4 Apr 2011

Wind energy faces gales

But the prospect of hosting a fleet of enormous wind turbines along coastal areas on the state's most rural islands -- that's not abstract. Additionally, each island in the archipelago has its own identity. That sense of separatism does not enhance a proposal, with an estimated $1 billion cost, that would pepper Molokai and Lanai with windmills and then pipe the electricity along undersea cables to satisfy Oahu's ravenous energy appetites.
27 Feb 2011

Opposition ‘very troubled' by ‘big wind' planned for Lanai

While state and federal officials said their purpose was to gather comments on a big-picture plan for an interisland wind system, without focusing on any one specific project, Lanai residents said it was impossible to comment on the impacts of the larger plan without scrutinizing Castle & Cooke's proposal. "I'm very troubled by this whole concept," said Lanai City resident Robin Kaye.
6 Feb 2011

Talks start about proposed wind farm

"It's really an opportunity for the public to come and tell us what it is they want us to look at in the EIS," said Allen Kam, with the State Energy Office. Those worried undersea cables could affect important fishing areas or wind turbines would upset the view have 30 days to let the state know about those specific concerns. That information will be factored into a draft EIS.
2 Feb 2011

Hawaii's 'big wind' power project stirs up fans, foes

Walter Rittie, a longtime activist on Molokai, says that for native Hawaiians like himself, the wind is a revered god. "So until the state realizes what they're dealing with, that it's not a commodity, it's a cultural resource that Hawaiians have high regard for, part of our heritage, then we're in for a train wreck here," Rittie says.
1 Feb 2011
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