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Siemens sees consolidation, not growth, in 2015

Chief Executive Joe Kaeser said he was now determined to get on top of operational problems that keep cropping up in Siemens' businesses, most recently in wind turbines where problems with blades and bearings caused a 223 million-euro ($279 million) charge in the fourth quarter.
6 Nov 2014

German onshore surges in H1

New German onshore wind installations surged during the first half of 2014 and may reach a record for the full year, as developers race to complete wind farms before a 2.5GW annual cap starts in 2015 and some states impose spacing restrictions.
29 Jul 2014

Austria burdened by Germany's shift to green power

Weather-driven surges of German solar and wind power may lead to higher costs for Austria as its grid is forced to take measures to avoid breaking down, a Austrian energy regulator said, calling for a region-wide solution to excess flows. Austria already must deal with a constant unwanted supply of 2,000 megawatts of power from northern Germany that flows into its grid via Poland and the Czech Republic.
12 Feb 2014

Solar energy jobs halve in two years

In an attempt to control the decline, the EU put a protective tax on on imported panels last summer. This saw lots of Chinese companies raising their costs, but it does not seem to have had much of an effect on homegrown production.
28 Jan 2014

Germany plans 2.5GW onshore cap

German onshore wind energy is to be effectively capped at 2.5GW per year by reducing support if the capacity installed exceeds this amount. ...The amended Renewable Energy Act is due to take effect on 1 August 2014, according to a economy ministry "cornerstone" paper, due for discussion by the government later this week.
20 Jan 2014

RWE scales down renewables spend

For RWE, the moves are part of a repositioning to deal with problems that include drastically reduced earnings due to ongoing low wholesale electricity prices at a time when the company struggles with massive EUR 30 billion in debts. In the UK, RWE's conventional generating division made a EUR 69 million operating loss in the first nine months of 2013, compared with a EUR 162 million profit in the equivalent 2012 period
16 Jan 2014

Siemens wind division may face cuts

Siemens has refused to rule out axing jobs in its wind division as the company prepares to make 15,000 redundancies. The company-wide cuts will be implemented over the next 12 months as part of a previously announced Siemens 2014 cost-cutting programme aimed at saving EUR 6 billion.
1 Oct 2013

German ecologists decry wind turbines

Germany's government set out to abandon nuclear power and switch to renewable energy. In order to triple generating capacity of green energy, hundreds of additional wind turbines are being installed in Southern Germany, but environmentalists are still unhappy. Al Jazeera's Nick Spicer reports from Soonwald, Germany. Duration: 2 minutes 2 seconds  
23 Jul 2013

Wind Waffle

This important editorial published by the editor board at the largest daily newspaper in Denmark responds to the recent 'Act on Facts' campaign launched by turbine maker, Vestas. An English translation of the piece is provided below.
16 Jul 2013

Siemens to cut 1,700 jobs in energy operations: report

Siemens' energy business said last December it planned to cut almost 1,100 jobs in Germany as the engineering giant trims costs to make energy operations more profitable. The energy unit makes gas and wind turbines ...It said earlier this month it would shut the last of its solar energy businesses after it failed to find a buyer.
29 Jun 2013

German energy company hits headwinds in India

With Japan’s crisis raising new questions about nuclear power, this might seem an ideal time for a company that is a global leader in alternative energy and has a big presence in an energy-starved country, India. But for Enercon of Germany, one of the world’s biggest makers of wind turbines, India is shaping up as a disaster.
24 Mar 2013

Wind park building noise 'can kill porpoises'

"The construction work is very noise intensive," Otto von Estorff, from the Technical University Hamburg-Harburg told the paper. "The particularly conductive quality of the water means the noise can be clearly heard for several kilometres." He and his research team have measured around 200 decibels at the construction site.
28 Feb 2013
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