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Tybee considers birds’ fate if turbine is built

First decimated by the use of their feathers in women’s hats in the late 1800s, plovers have since suffered from having to compete with humans for beach space. Now only 60 or so breeding pairs remain in the smallest of their three known populations. The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service has identified global warming and wind turbines as emerging threats to these birds.
2 Feb 2014

On Tybee, the question is blowin' in the wind

Wildlife biologist Tim Keyes saw reason for caution there in the form of nearby habitat for endangered piping plovers and for red knots, a species being considered for federal listing. ...Tybee Fire Chief Skip Sasser posed a laundry list of concerns that ranged from why Wolff didn’t reveal what company is offering the turbine to why it wouldn’t be better to spend the installation money on safety equipment or personnel. “A windmill is not going to protect a 5-year-old child being swept out to sea,” he said.
13 Jan 2014

Wind turbine is Tybee's for the taking

Others like Mayor Jason Buelterman are more cautious. “I don’t really know enough about the proposal,” he said. “I want to get more information. That’s all it is right now, a proposal in its infancy. Paul is bringing it to everyone’s attention.” Council member Wanda Doyle is in a wait-and-see mode, too.
11 Jan 2014

Solar bill gets cloudy reception

There may be a brighter future for solar power in Georgia one day. But the chances of it arriving sooner through a proposal in the state House are pretty dim, judging from lawmakers' reactions at a hearing Wednesday.
31 Oct 2013

Southern CEO: Renewable energy still not competitive

Renewable power will not get a major share of Southern Co.’s energy portfolio anytime soon, even as the Atlanta-based utility makes forays into wind and solar power, CEO Tom Fanning said Thursday. “It’s going to remain a niche for some time,” Fanning said during a luncheon speech to the Atlanta Press Club.
16 May 2013

Tybee gears up for offshore wind

"So many people I think are apprehensive about wind turbines because there's been a lot of negative press about avian mortality and about how it's not a consistent energy generator," said Paul Wolff, a Tybee council member. "I want people to come and ask questions.
1 Dec 2010

Windstorm of debate

"I think it will be very detrimental for Lookout Mountain and the tourism here. People come here to use our trails and mountain camps. With towers here, I worry that tourists would just go away," Heiskell said Saturday after sitting in on a residents' meeting aimed at raising opposition to the wind farm.
1 Oct 2010

Locals vow to fight proposed windmills

The group discussed concerns about the project including visual pollution, wear and tear on county roads while the project is being built, property value decline and decrease in commercial business value and ecology. The flyer went on to say, "that the people who live on or love Lookout Mountain need to prove to Iberdrola that they will fight this incursion tooth and nail.
29 Sep 2010

Why isn't Georgia joining wind energy push?

State officials say they're hesitant to join other Atlantic states in a new offshore wind development consortium because they're unsure of the potential costs or obligations in the future. Besides that, they say other renewable energy sources -- such as biomass or solar -- offer better potential.
28 Jun 2010

Utility warns carbon emissions regulation could triple electric bills

[Dalton Utilities president and CEO Don Cope] said he had listened last week to a presentation by the Edison Electric Institute, an organization that all of the large, shareholder-owned utilities belong to, on the possibility of legislation capping carbon emissions produced by fossil fuels such as coal and oil. "Their estimate is that it will cost the average household in the United States between $3,000 and $6,000 per year," he said.
21 Apr 2009

Neighbors fight, states scramble over clean power

"It's unattractive and it's a nuisance," said Scott Herzinger, whose home is three doors down. Mann "invaded the public view ... when he put that tower up." ...opponents claim Mann's wind turbine needlessly threatens neighborhood property values because Atlanta's low winds don't produce enough speed to make the device worthwhile.
9 Oct 2007

Southern Utilities Resist Renewables

Six of the nation's 10 largest sources of carbon dioxide emissions are coal-fired power plants in the South, but year after year Southern lawmakers balk at pushing utilities toward cleaner renewable energy. Last month, Republican senators from the South provided about half the votes that defeated federal legislation to require power companies to get 15 percent of their electricity from renewable sources by 2020. Nationally, almost half the states have adopted their own renewable mandates, but only one, Texas, is in the South. Southern lawmakers -- responding to heavy lobbying from local utilities -- argue their region isn't conducive to solar or wind power like the sun-baked Southwest or the open plains of the West.
14 Jul 2007

Coastal wind parks await consent

WASHINGTON, DC, United States (UPI) -- Multiple reports and studies, especially those published in the last year, suggest the United States, specifically the East Coast, has great potential for offshore wind. The politicized debate over whether to develop wind power offshore has dragged on since the late 1990s, when the first project was proposed in Cape Cod, Mass., off the Nantucket Sound. Since then there have been several other proposals, none of which has been completely approved.
9 Jul 2007
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