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FPL Group and Constellation Energy Terminate Plans to Merge

FPL Group, Inc. (NYSE: FPL) and Constellation Energy (NYSE: CEG) today announced they have reached a joint and amicable agreement to terminate their plans to merge. Constellation Energy initiated a request to end the planned merger, citing continued uncertainty over regulatory and judicial matters in Maryland and the potential for a protracted and open-ended merger review process.
25 Oct 2006

FPL plans coal plant

Ten months after the St. Lucie County Commission denied Florida Power & Light an opportunity to build a coal power plant, the Glades County Commission on Tuesday unanimously approved the project. If the state signs off on the deal, the coal power plant would be the first of its kind in the country, FPL said, because it would use new, more environmentally friendly technology that would emit fewer pollutants......FPL said the plant is needed in a state where almost 1,000 new residents move in every day, and where the cost of natural gas, another source of electricity, continues to rise. The plant would also make service more reliable, FPL officials said.
15 Sep 2006

Solving the energy riddle

A doctor, a utility board member, a health-care executive and a state lawmaker are among the nine people who will help decide the way Florida gets, produces and uses its energy for the next several decades. They are members of the new Florida Energy Commission, which was created as part of a major energy law passed by state lawmakers this year that is designed to lessen the state's dependence on expensive natural gas and foreign oil. Among other things, the group is charged with figuring out how the state should best develop and use renewable sources of energy, such as solar, wind and biomass. The commission also must decide how to increase the safety and construction standards for utility lines and poles so they can better withstand hurricanes.
4 Sep 2006

Pensacola plant harnessing wind

While the Southeast's climate is not conducive to large wind generating farms, other states, like North Dakota, Kansas, Texas and South Dakota, have enormous potential for wind generation. For example, it's estimated that North Dakota's wind resources alone potentially could produce 1.2 trillion megawatts of electricity annually, which is about a third of the current total U.S. output. Although Florida and other Deep South states are not major players in wind generation, the region stands to directly benefit -- as Pensacola has -- from the jobs created as demand for wind generating equipment and devices expands.
27 Aug 2006

FPL Group profits up 17 percent

FPL, the biggest U.S. generator of power from wind, has added 722 megawatts of wind power in the past year, and an additional 330 megawatts are under construction, Chief Executive Officer Lewis Hay, 50, said in the statement.
30 Jul 2006

Cleaner energy, still an eyesore?

Florida critics of offshore oil drilling say rigs would blight Gulf of Mexico vistas. So imagine a different kind of energy-harnessing rig looming over offshore waters: windmills hundreds of feet tall, with three-prong blades slicing through the sky to generate relatively pollution-free electricity.
8 Jun 2006
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