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Blade falls off wind turbine on Frøya

Vegard Knudsen, communications consultant at Trønderenergi, tells E24 that they have now stopped all production, taken out all staff and closed to traffic in the park. We are sending in the necessary crew to examine all the wind blades now, he says. The wind facility consists of 14 Vestas V136/4.0-4.2 MW turbines each with a rotor diameter of 136 meters (446 feet). The facility was placed in service on October 1, 2020. According to company information the project was opened to the public on January 1, 2021.  
12 Nov 2021

Giant wind turbine collapses for an unknown cause

The wind turbine was completely destroyed by the collapse, as a spokesman for RAG MI announced. All that remained was a 40-meter-high stump made of concrete parts. ... The twin system, which is around 450 meters away, was put out of operation for safety reasons immediately after the collapse became known. "It will not be put back into operation until the cause of the accident has been clarified." According to the municipal utilities, the wind turbine was connected to the grid when it collapsed. According to the Haltern fire brigade, it was not very windy.
30 Sep 2021

Huge Vestas wind turbine collapses in Northern Sweden in rare accident

The cause of the accident is unknown and the company is assembling a team that will investigate at the site, spokesman Anders Riis said on Monday by phone. A lot of snow is expected this week, which may delay the work, he said. No one was injured in the incident. Sweden is turning to the most mature renewable energy source to replace old nuclear reactors.
23 Nov 2020

230 meter high wind turbine collapsed

It was at 9 pm on Saturday evening that the wind turbine gave way and fell to the ground. Pictures taken by Norran show how the tower folded a few meters above the ground and then the turbine housing, tower and blades crashed down. ...It is now Vestas that will carry out an investigation into the accident.
22 Nov 2020
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