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Big name backing for wind farm fight

Big name backing has come forward in opposition to two proposed wind farms at Spaldington who claim the turbines would be "visually horrific, inappropriate and ineffective". Throwing their weight behind the STOP (Spaldington Turbines Opposition Project) group is not only Howden and Haltemprice MP David Davies but MEP Godfrey Bloom and international best-selling author Frederick Forsyth. ...David Davis told the Courier this week: "Both of these proposed wind farms would seriously blight the lives of people who live nearby.
1 Oct 2009

Cheers as windfarm plan is rejected

Aberdeenshire councillors were cheered when they agreed to throw out plans for a windfarm on a scenically important hill between the Don and Dee valleys. The response came from campaigners opposed to a Welsh company's plans, attending a meeting at the Stewart's Hall in Huntly on Tuesday. Members of the Marr Area Committee accepted the view of their planners that the proposed wind turbines would have an unacceptable impact, on a sensitive site, close to the Cairngorms National Park.
19 Aug 2009

Planners side with objectors over windfarm

Nearly 600 letters of objection have been sent to Aberdeenshire Council calling for the refusal of plans for seven wind turbines on the ridge of Pressendye hill, near Cushnie. Council planners have agreed with objectors and recommended the proposal for refusal over fears that the 410ft turbines would have "unacceptable adverse visual impacts" on the surrounding countryside.
13 Aug 2009

Row over mansion 'ruined' by wind farm

It is a baroque masterpiece designed by one of the world's greatest architects and among the north of Scotland's biggest tourist attractions. Looming above are pieces of 21st-century engineering kit that rise to 330 feet above the skyline. Now, Scotland's cultural watchdog, Historic Scotland, has been accused of failing to protect the 18th-century Duff House from the effects of massive wind turbines.
9 Aug 2009

Misleading images, but you'll grow to like wind turbines says Minister

A wind farm company was 'counter-productive' in misleading people living in north Northumberland over the height of turbines planned near to their homes, the Government's energy minister has said. ...E.ON fell foul of the Advertising Standards Agency after promotional photomontages for the proposed West Ancroft installation showed turbines only 43 metres tall. Two complaints against the company were upheld, that the images were misleading and breached rules on truthfulness.
7 Aug 2009

Landmark report bounces wind farm plans and sets a precedent for scenic areas

Isle of Lewis is an area of outstanding beauty Conservation campaigners have welcomed a Scottish Parliament report that has slated plans for Lewis wind farm because it would destroy the scenic view. ...The Report - commissioned by Scottish Ministers - concluded: "Support for renewable energy development and the need to protect and enhance Scotland's natural and historic environment must be regarded as compatible goals.
7 Aug 2009

Wind farm another blow to Borders

As if there are not enough already of these largely-ineffective and unsightly wind turbines in this region, the latest proposal is to build 20 to 30 more between Fountainhall and Oxton. The Borders is at risk of becoming the dumping ground for these monstrous eyesores and if people are concerned about preserving the natural beauty and landscape of the Borders, they have good cause to be worried by the threat of yet more turbines dominating the landscape.
16 Jul 2009

Beauty spots could become wind farms

Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) like the Lake District national park could be the sites of new energy infrastructure including wind farms, Ed Miliband has suggested. Asked if wind farms could be considered in AONBs, Mr Miliband said: "In exceptional circumstances, it may be possible for some limited development to take place without unacceptable impacts on these important sites."
6 Jul 2009

Winds of change will blow through precious wildnerness and scenic areas

As National Wind Week draws to a close, we are all being asked to "embrace wind" and turn a blind eye to the real impact of poorly-regulated industrial expansion on some of Scotland's most wild and beautiful landscapes. British Wind Energy Association's (BWEA) claim that the minimum footprint of a turbine is as little as 25 square metres is a classic example of the marketing hype surrounding onshore wind energy.
18 Jun 2009

Blimp shows turbine height

Campaigners fighting plans for a wind farm near the Naseby battlefield site say new proposals to move the turbines further east will make no difference to their visual impact for villagers. ...the latest plans place the turbines on lower ground further east, still south of the A14 but closer to Kelmarsh Hall. Eon says this will create less visual impact on the villages of Naseby and Haselbech.
14 May 2009

Wind farm plan 'no threat' to historic village

A campaign to stop a huge wind farm being built near Abbots Bromley has been dealt a blow after heritage experts claimed it did not pose a risk. Council-hired consultants - in their first appraisal for 12 years - have ignored fears that plans to put up eight 115 metre-high turbines in Bagots Park could ruin the village's conservation area. Instead, they say the damage caused to historic buildings by juggernauts rumbling down the high street is a more pressing concern.
17 Jan 2009

Heritage agency hits out at attempt to extend windfarm

A bid to extend a controversial windfarm near a historic Banffshire castle has been criticised by Historic Scotland officials and council planning chiefs. ...Historic Scotland had raised concerns that the two turbines would have a "severe" visual impact on the unoccupied castle. ...The proposed turbine would be some 3,700ft from the castle, while the other two would be closer, around 2,600ft away.
24 Nov 2008

Hundreds oppose wind farm plans

Energiekontor Uk Ltd wants to put five 328ft (100m) turbines at Brightenber Hill near Gargrave, Skipton. A 250-strong group of residents have formed Friends of Craven Landscape and are campaigning against the plans. Craven Council has received 600 letters of objection and a 600-signature petition, but its planning committee has been asked to approve the plans.
23 Nov 2008

Planned wind farm 'will kill the Vale countryside'

The skyline of the Vale of Evesham will be dominated and the countryside killed if a wind farm is built in Lenchwick, a newly-formed group has warned. Vale Villagers Against Scottishpower (VVASP) are urging residents to find our more about the multi-million pound project - which could see up to 10 turbines, each 410 ft (125m) tall built in the Lenchwick area.
20 Nov 2008

Blow to wind farm protesters

Protesters campaigning against a wind farm in the countryside straddling Barnsley and Sheffield have been dealt a blow with a fresh council report which suggests the benefits of the scheme would outweigh the visual impact. The planning application for the five turbines, which would be 400ft tall, has gone to Barnsley Council because the land where they would be sited at Sheephouse Heights falls within the town's boundaries. But they would be so close to the border with Sheffield that the council there has been asked to comment before the application is considered.
23 Sep 2008
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