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The allure of deep-water wind power

Compared to conventional shallow water offshore wind farms that cost about $2 million per MW installed, the fixed-pile foundation Talisman project at $5.8 million per MW is almost three times as expensive and prohibitively uneconomical in the near term.
1 Jun 2006

Tidal energy heads to market

Advocates of tidal energy say it is more reliable than the other marine technology, wave power. Unlike wave - and wind - farms, tides are predictable. The devices use technology similar to wind farms or hydropower, with underwater turbines being driven by the force of the tide to generate electricity.
22 May 2006

Second wind?

Gordon Proven and his business development manager Johnnie Andringa have seen it all before: they were in the vanguard when the industry failed to take off in Scotland 15 years ago. Today, Scotland has a second chance at building a manufacturing sector in renewable energy, but a funding row could mean another false dawn .
26 Mar 2006

Windpower 'supergrid' could be built

IRISH wind farm operators Airtricity and Swiss engineering giant ABB have completed a study into creating a European 'supergrid' linking national grids to be powered from offshore wind farms. Such a grid - which would cost billions - would carry power to where it is needed.
17 Mar 2006

Wind Power - 'Variable' or 'Intermittent'? - A Problem Whatever the Word

A Research Into the Achilles' Heel of the Wind Industry. With a wealth of examples and references, Dr. Etherington enlightens us on the principal weakness of windfarms: their erratic, unpredictable production of electricity. A modern economy cannot afford blackouts, so wind power production must be backed up 24h a day by conventional power, which substantially reduces the C02 savings
1 Jan 2006
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