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Wind farm plans sparks fears for seabirds

The Scottish Government has granted permission for hundreds of turbines in the Forth and Tay that could generate enough energy to power 1.4 million homes. But representatives from RSPB Scotland and the Scottish Seabird Centre said they were worried about the potential impact the structures would have on marine wildlife.
11 Oct 2014

Four large wind farms are to be built off the east coast of Scotland

Four huge offshore wind farms consisting of hundreds of turbines will be built of the east coast of Scotland after SNP ministers granted planning permission in the face of warnings about their “deadly” impact on seabirds. The developments in the Forth and Tay regions will be theoretically capable of producing up to 2.284 gigawatts (GW) of electricity, enough for 1.4 million homes.
11 Oct 2014

RWE shelves Galloper

German utility RWE Innogy has shelved the 340MW Galloper offshore wind farm amid mounting concerns that the project would miss the April 2017 deadline for the Renewables Obligation.
10 Oct 2014

Anger at "sledgehammer" injunction on fishermen

"It is very regrettable that the company has seen fit to turn to the courts over an issue that should be resolved through dialogue and negotiations.  Fishermen had a legitimate right to fish on their customary grounds and using a high court injunction to force them out of the way seems like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut."
14 Aug 2014

Stop building offshore wind farms, says Centrica

It advocates building no more offshore wind farms, which it calls “an expensive option that may not be needed”, stopping solar panel deployment, “since it generates no output at times of peak demand” and restricting use of expensive solid wall insulation for homes.
23 Jul 2014
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