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Going green at home won't save the planet

....Britain's networks that quietly transmit and distribute energy are the envy of Europe with a reliability rating of 99.98 per cent for distribution and over 99.99 per cent for transmission. It seems reasonable to surmise that this reliability would fast go into reverse with large numbers of micro solar and wind generators feeding in unpredictable small amounts of power.
29 Mar 2006

France's nuclear push transforms energy equation

This has led some to question whether the country's focus on nuclear power has been a strategic mistake.... Wind farms are creating their own political storm. There's one near Beaumont-Hague with five gray turbines about 250 feet tall. On a recent afternoon, the blades weren't moving amid a still wind. Germaine DuPont, who lives with her husband and children about 380 yards away, said she wishes that were always the case. When the blades whirl, "the noise is crazy," she said, adding that she takes sleeping pills to get some rest. "It's intolerable."
28 Mar 2006

France Leads New Push for Nuclear Power

CHALON-SUR-SAONE, France — At a factory nestled among Burgundy vineyards, workers shape, bore, polish and test pieces needed to put together a nuclear reactor. At each work station, technical charts are pasted next to a map of the country buying the product.
25 Mar 2006

Chancellor of the Exchequer's Budget Statement

I can also announce a new fund, initially £50 millions, for microgeneration technologies which make it possible for homes and businesses to generate their own renewable energy. The purpose of this £50 million fund is to show how we can make these technologies from wind turbines to solar heating, affordable to schools, housing associations, businesses including local authority tenants – initially 25,000 buildings.
22 Mar 2006

Sustainable Energy Bill - A Lot Of Hot Air ?

MPs will vote today (March 10th) on proposals which could make it significantly easier for householders across the UK to generate their own power. Tory moderniser, David Cameron, already has plans for a wind turbine on his London home while Energy Minister Malcolm Wicks also wants to install his own home turbine.
13 Mar 2006

Yesterday in parliament - Britain's energy needs (extract)

Mr Blair questioned whether the UK can meet its future energy and environmental needs without nuclear power. He said renewable energy must form a larger part of the UK energy mix but stressed nuclear might be "part of the answer". He said: "I still think there is a major challenge - and this is what the energy review will answer in the next few months - as to whether we can really make sure we meet both our energy needs and our environmental targets without nuclear power in the mix."
9 Mar 2006
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