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Personal wind farm worries neighbours

A retired GP has sparked a row in his picturesque Northumberland village by planning a £40,000 wind turbine in his back garden. Dr Steven Ford wants to erect the turbine - which would measure 17.8 metres from base to blade tip - in a field behind his home in Heugh House Lane, Haydon Bridge, a row of 20 properties in the countryside overlooking the Northumberland village.
15 Jun 2009

Battle lines drawn over windfarm plans

Demonstrations will show the strength of feeling against the growth in the number and size of windfarms coming to Mid Wales and the massive turbines that will be brought through the centre of the town on their way to sites. Planning the demonstrations began on Wednesday night when the town council's planning and development committee opened its meeting to the public.
15 Jun 2009

'Careful' turbine study continues

The Scottish Government has said it will not rush a verdict on a wind farm inquiry held 16 months ago. The 48-turbine Fallago Rig proposal in the Borders was the subject of a public hearing in February 2008. Roxburgh and Berwickshire MSP John Lamont has criticised the timescale and transparency of the process.
12 Jun 2009

End of the road for wind farm at Montreathmont?

It was revealed last week that a Scottish Government planning reporter had dismissed an appeal lodged over the planned wind farm scheme at Montreathmont, near Friockheim. The decision follows an appeal held earlier this year after the company behind the scheme appealled Angus Council's failure to determine the planning application within prescribed time limits.
29 May 2009

Wind farm plan is knocked back

A far north businessman is considering appealing against the knock-back of his plans to build a five-turbine wind farm. Reay garage owner Charlie Sutherland's scheme this week became the fourth in west Caithness to fall foul of the Highland Council. Once again, the perceived impact on nearby residents was central to the rejection of planning consent.
15 May 2009

Landmark ruling gives turbines the go-ahead

An Assembly planning inspector has upheld an appeal by wind farm campaigners in a ruling likely to reverberate among local authorities. Richard Poppleton gave approval for two 100-metre wind turbines at Mynydd y Gwrhyd, north of Pontardawe, citing legislation that commits the UK to scaling up renewable energy schemes.
8 May 2009

Campaigners prepare for wind farm inquiry

Andrew Joicey, who is involved with all three groups, said: "The planning system is supposed to protect communities against development proposals where benefits are shown to be outweighed by other adverse effects. "Make no mistake however, if even one of these wind farms is approved and built, people will be truly shocked when they see the result. The problem is, it is very hard for many people to visualise the scale of either the individual, or the cumulative impact."
6 May 2009

Developers contest wind farm ruling

East Riding planners are facing yet another appeal over a decision to reject a proposed wind farm. The beleaguered authority has recently seen three refusals for separate renewable energy developments overturned by Government planning inspectors after public inquiries.
2 May 2009

Wind farm plans rejected

Loud cheers greeted the rejection of proposals linked to the development of a wind farm on the edge of Worcestershire ...The planning committee voted to refuse the application on the basis it encroached on an AONB, would have an impact on historic parkland and would cause the loss of part of an historic wall.
1 May 2009

Controversial wind farm plan for Fritwell/Fewcott rejected

Cherwell District Council planning committee voted unanimously against their own officer's recommendation for a £10m wind farm on farmland between Fewcott and Fritwell. Residents were furious over the plan and bombarded councillors with letters of objection, claiming their village was the wrong site and a wind farm would be better built on open moorland - or out at sea.
24 Apr 2009

Controversy over windfarm tactics

Two councillors have questioned a windfarm company's decision to hold an open meeting in Bankfoot yesterday - three months before a public enquiry will put the controversial plans under the microscope. ...In a joint statement the councillors asserted: "As local councillors we are surprised that the appellants should at this stage in the proceedings choose to do this, but as they have done so we feel that it is important to ensure that residents know why we opposed the planning application last year and why we will oppose allowing the appeal.
24 Apr 2009

Council 'no longer in charge' of planning

East Riding Council leader Stephen Parnaby fears the authority is powerless to stop wind farms blotting the landscape. He said the Government seemed "hell-bent" on supporting every renewable energy scheme. And he claimed the council is "no longer in charge" of key planning issues in the East Riding.
17 Apr 2009

Wind farm 'splitting community'

A proposed wind farm at Drumsurn in County Londonderry has split the community, Limavady's mayor has said. Gaeletric want to erect seven turbines at Smulgedon due to the wind speeds. ...The town's Mayor, Brenda Chivers of Sinn Fein, said: "We're hoping to get all the parties around a table and solve this."
15 Apr 2009

Wind farm 'splitting community'

A proposed wind farm at Drumsurn in County Londonderry has split the community, Limavady's mayor has said. Gaeletric want to erect seven turbines at Smulgedon due to the wind speeds. ...The town's Mayor, Brenda Chivers of Sinn Fein, said: "We're hoping to get all the parties around a table and solve this."
15 Apr 2009

Near riot as air heated over wind farm plans; Meeting stopped while speakers calm down

A near-riot resulted in closure of a Barnsley Council planning meeting, as tempers rose over another proposed wind farm near Penistone at Crow Edge. The bust-up between councillors was over the Labour voting that saw the three turbine wind farm at Blackstone Edge given the green light, subject to approval from the Secretary of State. One Wombwell area councillor said: "There was an angry, heated argument and the meeting had to be abandoned while people calmed down."
15 Apr 2009

Judge rules against village wind turbine plans

Villagers who have spent £50,000 on a six-year battle against a proposed wind farm on their doorstep look to have finally won their fight. A high court judge has ruled that the "considerable rural charm" of the area of Guestwick, between Fakenham and Aylsham, is reason enough to refuse plans for a group of wind turbines there.
12 Apr 2009

Calls to postpone Berwick wind farm inquiry

Opponents of three proposed wind farms in Northumberland last night called for a public inquiry to be postponed, after plans for a new scheme were submitted. Plans for turbines at Moorsyde, Toft Hill and Barmoor, all near Berwick, are due to be heard at an inquiry beginning on May 6. Now however a planning application has been submitted for another eight turbines at West Ancroft, in close proximity to the three inquiry sites.
30 Mar 2009

Accusations fly at wind roundtable; Developer pledges to improve communication with community

Evelyn Hayden has already lost a lot of sleep over the Digby Neck Wind Farm-and she expects to lose some more. Hayden, whose home is just 600 metres from the proposed location of one of the 20 turbines that will be built this year, was the first speaker at a March 24 roundtable that focused on the wind park. ...Hayden set the tone for the evening: "This meeting means council will finally listen to our side of the wind park fiasco."
30 Mar 2009

Oriel developer frustrated at planning barriers

The developer of one of the most ambitious wind farm developments in Ireland has expressed frustration at the planning process for renewable energy projects. Brian Britton is co-founder and managing director of Oriel Windfarm, which hopes to build an offshore wind farm with 55 turbines off the north-east coast close to Dundalk. The project has been under development for four years and is at the final stage of the planning process.
29 Mar 2009

A green dream or bad for our health?

The Co-operative Group, which hopes to build the wind farm on land near Langford and Biggleswade, has announced its plans for a package of community benefits, including an environmental education programme and a community trust fund. But meanwhile campaigners against the development have been distributing leaflets at school gates - warning that it could be a potential health time bomb. A couple from Enfield ...are urging people to sign an online petition asking the Government to enforce a buffer zone of at least two kilometres between industrial wind turbines and homes.
27 Mar 2009
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