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Swedish offshore wind project dead in the water

”Parliament has made it clear that Sweden’s ambitions are to improve its defense. Hanöbukten is one of the strategically most important defense areas Sweden has. The government has considered this issue carefully and have concluded that in this case it is not possible to combine the defense business with wind turbines.”
23 Dec 2016

'Pile-driver din is driving us round the bend' say sleepless Wirral householders

"The constant, extremely loud thudding 'heartbeat' late into the night, night after night from pile driving the new crop of these monsters is hardly evidence of whoever is behind this scheme showing any consideration for the residents of Wirral. "These wind farms are rapidly becoming an ugly blot on what is otherwise a beautiful view along the Wirral coastline."
13 Jun 2016

Robust managementt for rust: Offshore wind turbines

This is an essential factor for the maintenance and repair costs of offshore wind turbines which can add up over the years to one hundred times the costs for new construction. While a metal coating in the construction of onshore wind facilities can cost 20 to 30 euros per square meter, the cost for offshore plants can be several thousand euros. These costs must be reduced significantly. 
1 Feb 2016

Navitus Bay plans scrapped

Navitus Bay project director Stuart Grant said today: "After careful consideration, Navitus Bay has chosen not to challenge the decision by the Secretary of State to refuse consent for the proposed wind park.
19 Oct 2015
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