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Hot air over wind power

Worldwide, the blogosphere pulses with indignation about solar subsidies. But the peculiar thing about all this wrath is how rarely it is directed at what is becoming a remarkably destructive aspect of renewable energy: its ability to drive down wholesale electricity prices.
22 Oct 2012

Welsh turbine debate reignited over power line plan

Every morning, when livestock farmer Olwyn Lewis checks on his cattle and sheep, he is confronted by a horizon dotted with 113 wind turbines. Far from being upset by their presence, Mr Lewis is working with a power company to site three turbines on his own farm to provide an additional source of income.
19 Oct 2012

Green Investment Bank reins in off-shore windfarm funding

Britain's Green Investment Bank plans to channel funds for offshore wind projects that are already operating ...The intention to focus on financing wind farms only after they're operating is a "surprise" to the industry, which hoped the institution would back projects before they're built when risks are higher.
19 Oct 2012

Wind turbines could sound death knell for peat firm

"The owners want windmills to go up and while we're not against that, I've basically been told that the peat-cutting business will end when they start the construction works. "The problem is that we do not have a long-term lease for the land - it runs on a year-to-year basis."
19 Oct 2012

Jobs claim by wind farm lobby dismissed

Britain's environment secretary, Owen Paterson, said wind farms had "significant impacts on the rural economy and the rural environment, all of which weren't intended when these things were thought up". Crewe is supporting Labour Senator John Kelly's Wind Turbines Bill, which would lay down minimum separation distances between wind farms and people's homes.
17 Oct 2012

Major south Norfolk wind farm turned down on appeal

Developer TCI Renewables decided to appeal the decision, but today the planning inspector Zoe Hill concluded that the appeal should be thrown out. She said that while planning policies weighed heavily in favour of renewable energy projects, the plans still fell down on key areas, mainly the impact on nearby homes.
15 Oct 2012

8,000 sign Anglesey petition against wind turbines

Opponents of wind turbine development on Anglesey have drawn up a petition they say has been signed by more than a tenth of the island's population. Campaign group Anglesey Against Wind Turbines said nearly 8,000 people support their call for limits on commercial wind turbines.
11 Oct 2012

German Energy Plan - Part 2: Grids Connection Problems

The problem is that the southern states are not particularly excited about receiving electricity from the wind farms in northern Germany. Bavarian Governor Seehofer talks about self-sufficiency and investing billions in the regional energy supply, including solar, hydroelectric and biofuel plants. ...RWE and the other large electric utilities now believe that the first north-south lines may not even be needed anymore when they go into service in a decade.
10 Oct 2012

German Energy Plan - Part 3: Power Plants Forced to Lose Money

On days when there is a lot of wind, the sun is shining and consumption is low, market prices on the power exchange can sometimes drop to zero. There is even such a thing as negative costs. ...Under current conditions, even the most modern and efficient combined steam and gas power plants are not recovering billions in investment costs.
10 Oct 2012
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