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Sicilian judges freeze Mafia money in Valletta-based company

Months of investigations in Palermo have yielded Denaro's links to Sicily's wind farm energy, through a series of companies which generate governmental contracts, and money which is then funnelled through an elaborate scheme of financial transactions, and eventually end up in a company registered to an address in Archbishop Street, in Valletta.
17 Dec 2012

MP wages war on wind farms

The MP for Morecambe is continuing his war on wind turbines after meeting with a prominent Isle of Man parliamentarian. David Morris backed Stephen Rodan, speaker of the House of Keys on the Manx island, who opposes the building of wind turbines in shipping lanes in the Irish Sea.
14 Dec 2012

Joy as turbines plan is blocked

Campaigners who have been fighting plans for three wind turbines in the Radnorshire countryside are celebrating after the application was thrown out by council chiefs. Powys County Council refused an application by REF Windpower, who wanted to build three 103.5m turbines at Pentre Tump, Llanfihangel nant Melan, near New Radnor.
14 Dec 2012

Holyrood wind farm inquiry an 'unbelievable whitewash'

A Holyrood inquiry into Alex Salmond's wind energy targets has been dismissed as an "unbelievable whitewash" after it refused to accept the rapid spread of turbines is damaging the countryside. The SNP-dominated economy, energy and tourism committee instead blamed local councils for snarling up wind farm applications in the planning system and called for the rules to be loosened to allow larger developments.
24 Nov 2012

Conservation group claims Northumberland council planning officers are undermining wind farms concerns

The leading conservation group claims council planning officers are attempting to undermine its serious concerns about the growing proliferation of wind turbines in Northumberland. says it has evidence suggesting that planning officers are advising elected councillors that the society's professionally prepared representations on wind energy should be "ignored or sidelined" as contrary to Government policy.
23 Nov 2012

War of words over wind turbine impact on Borders

A furious row has broken out over claims that the Borders has seen the largest increase in wind farm applications in Scotland. ...The Tories' local MSP John Lamont put the incredible surge in renewable power bids down to the Scottish National Party's "reckless" energy policies since it took control of Holyrood five years ago.
23 Nov 2012

MSPs line up to accuse Alex Salmond of ‘doctoring' official records

Alex Salmond was at the centre of a fresh row last night over misleading MSPs and accusations of attempting to cover it up by "doctoring" official records at Holyrood. The SNP leader is facing claims he has undermined the "integrity of parliament" after inflating the number of "green" jobs in Scotland in response to opposition pressure over wind farms.
23 Nov 2012

Council criticised over site visit ‘shambles'

Torridge District Council has come under fire for failing to defend its own decisions on wind turbine developments. Officers from the council twice failed to turn up to site visits with Government planning inspectors in the space of three weeks.
22 Nov 2012

When it is time to come clean

Openness and transparency were among the founding principles of the Scottish Parliament - yet Holyrood has been found wanting. It emerged almost by accident that last month the First Minister misinformed MSPs about the number of jobs created by his renewable energy drive. Mr Salmond insists it was an accidental slip ...But that clandestine corrections procedure gives as much cause for the concern as the First Minister's somewhat shaky grasp of basic facts and figures.
22 Nov 2012

Vestas turned back to start

Vestas' stock shares heading towards its lowest level since the company's IPO - in 1998. On Tuesday, shares of Vestas fell by 3.2 percent after news of the company's U.S. CEO, Martha Wyrsch, decided to leave the ailing wind turbine manufacturer.
13 Nov 2012

WWII bombs explode at North Sea wind farm

Offshore wind farms are an integral part of the German government's renewable energy agenda - and the buried ammunition is slowing down their construction. Boskalis Hirdes, an international company that disposes of unexploded ammunition, has found more unexploded ordnance than expected ..."We expected around 50 targets on a route length of more or less 45 kilometers, and we found more than 2,000."
8 Nov 2012

Renewables: Turbulence in offshore wind

"It is clear that people are rowing back on early investments," he says. ...Early tremors of concern arose last year when George Osborne, the chancellor, told the Conservative party conference: "We're not going to save the planet by putting our country out of business." Some interpreted this to mean the UK would water down its renewables targets if they made British businesses less competitive.
5 Nov 2012
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