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IFA hit back at local Senator over wind turbines

"The IFA have abandoned rural communities with their unbridled backing for giant wind farms across large tracts of the West and the Midlands. Before it is too late, the IFA should also take the opportunity to revisit its tacit support for selected landowners to sign up secretive contracts with wind farm companies, which are imposing dubious confidentiality clauses and promising the sun, moon and stars in return for land rights and options".
18 Apr 2013

TV presenter's widow to oppose windfarm plans

Rhona Weir, now in her 90s, accused developers of defacing the Kilpatrick Hills beside the house she shared with her husband, who shot to fame presenting outdoor TV programme Weir's Way in the late 1970s. However, her stance has put her at odds with others in the local community.
11 Apr 2013

Italy makes biggest mafia linked assets haul: $1.7bn

Italian police on Wednesday said they had seized assets worth 1.3 billion euros ($1.7 billion) from a Sicilian renewable energy developer in the biggest ever seizure of mafia-linked assets. The assets, including 43 wind and solar energy companies, 98 properties and 66 bank accounts, belonged to Vito Nicastri, a 57-year-old businessman dubbed the "Lord of the Wind".
3 Apr 2013

Italy makes huge haul of mafia assets in green energy case

Italy made its biggest confiscation of mafia assets in history on Wednesday, including dozens of alternative energy companies worth a total of 1.3 billion euros, police said. A court in Trapani on the island of Sicily ordered the definitive confiscation of assets first seized in 2010 from Vito Nicastri, a 57-year-old businessman, who was deemed a front man for the Sicilian mafia, known as Cosa Nostra.
3 Apr 2013

Consent for Donald Trump row wind farm announced

Dr Sam Gardner, senior climate change policy officer at WWF Scotland, said: "Giving the go-ahead to this offshore wind test centre is the right decision, demonstrating that no amount of bluster from US billionaires such as Donald Trump will hold Scotland back from becoming a cleaner, greener, job-creating nation."
26 Mar 2013

Green light for Trump row wind farm

Mr Trump threatened legal action to halt the wind test centre. "I built a masterpiece. I don't want to see it destroyed by windmills. Windmills are going to be the death of Scotland and even England if they don't do something about them. They are ruining the countryside," he said.
26 Mar 2013

Protest planned as 44,000 Scots object to windfarm applications

More than 44,000 Scots have objected to windfarm applications since 2008, according to Conservative Party estimations. Figures obtained from 23 of the country's 32 local authorities show around 34,000 objections were submitted, ranging from an estimated 9421 in Aberdeenshire, to two objections in East Dunbartonshire.
24 Mar 2013

German energy company hits headwinds in India

With Japan’s crisis raising new questions about nuclear power, this might seem an ideal time for a company that is a global leader in alternative energy and has a big presence in an energy-starved country, India. But for Enercon of Germany, one of the world’s biggest makers of wind turbines, India is shaping up as a disaster.
24 Mar 2013

Communities ‘bullied' over wind schemes

Julian Smith, MP for Ripon and Skipton, spoke of his worries about the "false economy" created by heavy subsidies for farms. "We are not being honest about the economics of wind farm investment. "The more I look into the economics of wind energy the more I am concerned."
21 Mar 2013
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