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Council's wind turbine to be removed

"It was considered that the repair costs and ongoing maintenance issues meant that it was no longer viable and sustainable to keep the turbine. "However, the council remains committed to sustainable technology, and continues to look at options for the future."
13 Jun 2013

Tim Yeo stands down from Commons committee chair

Tim Yeo - the Tory MP facing claims he used his position to help business clients - has announced he is to stand down as chairman of an influential Commons committee while he faces investigation into claims. The former minister said he would be advising members on the Energy and Climate Change Committee that he should temporarily stand aside while the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner carried out his inquiry.
10 Jun 2013

Minister throws out plans for giant wind farm in Highlands

Dunbeath Wind Energy wanted to build 17 turbines near Dunbeath, a Caithness coastal village, only for ministers to reject the proposal due to the impact on the countryside. Energy Secretary Fergus Ewing found that the project, between Berriedale Water and Dunbeath Water, would have adversely affected the landscape.
7 Jun 2013

Tackling organised crime in a bid to secure investor confidence in wind

The DIA's aggressiveness in clamping down on organised crime is widely lauded but investor confidence is far from being restored. An industry insider who has observed investment funds shying away from Italy believes the country risk is just too high when the political instability and the reduced incentive schemes announced in 2012 are added in. ...The mafia allegations and potential for random asset seizures hasn't helped - companies wanting to sell their wind farms in Sicily aren't finding buyers.
6 Jun 2013

£1.5 million paid to shut down new Scottish wind farm

EDF Energy was handed £1.45 million between April 29 and May 15 to shut down turbines on the Fallago Rig wind farm, which is on land owned by the Duke of Roxburghe in Scottish Borders. The "constraint payments", which ultimately come from electricity bills, are given to wind farm companies to compensate them for not producing power during periods of high generation and low demand.
24 May 2013

Urgent call to tear down school-based turbines

HEAD teachers are being asked to venture out into hurricane-force conditions to switch off wind turbines in school playgrounds. That is one of the claims of far north anti-wind farm protesters who have heavily criticised Highland Council's safety review of school-based turbines.
24 May 2013

Take cover against an ill wind

Wind turbines might offer good returns for farmers - but not if they are vulnerable to extremes of the weather they need to operate. Gale force winds can blow debris or grit into gears or even cause entire turbine masts to collapse.
23 May 2013

Loch Shin and Ben Assynt turbine plans get go-ahead

The applications had opposition from Scottish Natural Heritage and the Mountaineering Council of Scotland. SNH claimed the windfarms would impact "an area of the strongest wild land character - as confirmed by the wildness mapping work carried out" by the Government agency.
21 May 2013

Gamesa cuts 394 jobs in Spain

The company said it was closing two plants - Albacete in Castilla-La Mancha and Tudela in Navarre - and restructuring a third at As Somozas, Galicia. The cuts affect 6% of the total workforce.
21 May 2013

Turbine plan is off the radar due to complication

Cheshire-based Renewable Solutions UK submitted the application on behalf of the landowners to South Ribble Council, but have now pulled the plug on the scheme before it reached the planning committee. More than 100 letters of objection were sent to the council about the proposal, but two residents wrote in support of the idea.
21 May 2013

Lairds criticised for pocketing wind farm subsidies

The Kirk's response to a consultation launched by the LRRG was critical of a system that has seen landowners such as the Duke of Roxburghe and the earls of Moray and Glasgow earn large sums for renting their land to wind-turbine energy firms. Critics point out that landowners rent their land to renewable generators, whose wind farms are subsidised by extra levies on ordinary electricity consumers.
17 May 2013

Trump sues Scottish government over wind farm

"The legal process started yesterday and I plan on proceeding for as long as required, irrespective of cost," Trump said Thursday as part of a released statement. "We will not allow the Scottish Government or any other party to undermine what we have created at Trump International Golf Links."
17 May 2013

Wind farm is blown away

Plans to erect four large wind turbines have been torn up after the developer concluded that the site near Hutton in the Merse Valley is unsuitable. Airvolution Energy has announced that it will not be proceeding with plans to develop the 126.5m turbines at Crossrig, 3km southwest of Hutton.
16 May 2013

Wind farm sceptic is made an adviser on energy

The move is likely to be greeted with mixed reaction from campaign groups and green businesses. A longtime opponent of onshore wind and solar farms, he recently wrote in a blog that "the sudden proliferation of random, single [wind] turbines is starting to blight the Cornish countryside."
16 May 2013
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