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Alinda lost her son in a wind turbine accident

A skipper who at that time sailed past the burning windmill on the Mariadijk in Ooltgensplaat has taken photos of the two boys on top of the mill, who have been later given to their parents. Alinda: 'The photo shows that Arjan and Daan hugged each other. Arjan probably went back through the fire afterwards, and Daan fell off the mill. I don't really want to think about what they've experienced. "
16 May 2018

Massive damage in the wind farm - cause unclear

The damage at the offshore wind farm, "Alpha Ventus", located about 45 kilometers from Borkum, is considerably more serious than initially known. At the beginning of April not only did the plastic covering crash 90 meters into the sea, but half of the nacelle fell off as well. Experts are now investigating whether it is a single incident or possibly serial damage. More than 120 turbines of this type are installed in the North Sea.
25 Apr 2018

Family want answers over death in snow on wind farm

The family of a security guard who died after becoming trapped in heavy snow on a remote wind farm are demanding answers about his death. ...The tragedy came less than a year after the death of a Portuguese worker at another Ayrshire wind farm. Antonio Joao Da Silva Linares, 37, died following an accident inside a turbine at Kilgallioch wind farm in March 2017.
7 Mar 2018

No criminal prosecution after windmill accident

The investigation has shown that the fire at the Piet de Wit wind farm of the Deltawind cooperative was probably caused by a short circuit. Although the employees had removed the electrical voltage from a large part of the turbine, a dropped tool could result in a short circuit. The employees then probably tried to extinguish the fire, and then probably could no longer reach the - narrow - escape route.
24 Jan 2018

'Stranded' worker dies at wind farm

The police and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) are carrying out a joint investigation, the two authorities confirmed. In a blog post published on 29 January, law firm Thomsons Scotland wrote that the 74-year-old man was a security guard at the wind farm.
24 Jan 2018

Airport voices concern over wind farm plans

Serco believes the 200MW wind farm could, in its current design, have a "significant impact" on the approach to and climb out from the North Mainland airport, with potential for communication problems with planes and helicopters.
11 Jan 2018
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