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Kerry suffers from an ill wind

Locals in north Kerry are up in arms at the alleged role of a wind energy firm in the landslide that destroyed a river's salmon and trout stocks. Before the facts of what caused last week's landslide in a north Kerry river network were known, a nearby wind energy firm taking the brunt of the local anger. Prior to the landslide, Tralee-based company Tra Investments had begun site works for an eight-turbine wind farm in the Ballincollig Hill-Maghanknockane area. Within 24 hours of the slide, the company announced that it would commission an independent review into the incident, which it promised to make public.
31 Aug 2008

MP to fight wind farm

An MP has joined a chorus of opposition against the UK's largest wind turbines. Weaver Vale MP Mike Hall has spoken against the cluster of four 410ft-high turbines, 100ft taller than Big Ben, and would even dwarf the Fiddlers Ferry Cooling Tower if they were built at Aston Grange. After giving evidence at a public inquiry into the proposals he said: "The developers Tegni Cymru have said that a specific planning policy gives them the right to build the wind farm.
29 Aug 2008

Two investigations to take place into Kerry landslide

Tra Investments Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lee Strand Co-operative Creamery in Tralee that had begun site works for an eight-turbine wind farm in the Ballincollig Hill-Maghanknockane area, said that it had instructed geotechnical consultancy AGEC Ltd to undertake a study into the cause of the landslide and that it would make the findings public. In a statement, the company said that they had planning for the wind farm and that "initial site works have taken place over the past two weeks".
27 Aug 2008

Chairman's tilt at turbines noise; Domestic applications ‘likely to be rejected' as manufacturers fail to quantify sound levels

Homeowners in Aberdeenshire hoping to install domestic wind turbines in built-up areas are likely to have their applications rejected unless manufacturers provide the council with information detailing their impact, a councillor warned yesterday. Garioch area committee chairman Martin Kitts-Hayes made the comment following the "very reluctant rejection" of proposals to erect a turbine at a home at Kinmuck, near Inverurie. The committee is now planning to write a letter to companies who make the machinery, urging them to provide facts and figures on expected noise levels.
27 Aug 2008

No more turbines! We've got enough in Cornwall

Communities in North Cornwall are battling to stop the county's biggest wind farm from dominating the skyline over Bodmin Moor. Emergency meetings have been called by Camelford Town Council and parish councillors following a similar move last week by Davidstow parish council which saw 200 angry residents pack Otterham village hall. That meeting was attended by people from a number of moorland villages who are opposed to a plan by energy company Community Windpower to site 20 turbines near Crowdy Reservoir.
26 Aug 2008

5,000 people without water in north Kerry after landslide

Up to 5,000 people in North Kerry have limited water supplies today following a landslide of elevated blanket bog in the Stacks Mountains at the weekend which polluted water courses. The landslide reached over two kilometres in length and up to 55m wide place with mud seeping into north Kerry's most important water sources and the rivers Smearlagh and Feale. ...The Stacks area has been designated for wind farm development and locals had claimed there was a risk of landslides in objections to a wind farm which is under construction.
25 Aug 2008

Turbines advice 'blowing in the wind'

Government departments responsible for the increase in onshore wind turbines are using staff from energy companies to advise them on noise and safety issues. Concerns have been raised that the potential conflict of interest, denied by the civil servants, could result in the Government making policy decisions which directly benefit turbine manufacturers and energy companies. Guidance on noise issues was sent to planning inspectors as a result of Government meetings which in one case were chaired by a representative of RWE npower.
18 Aug 2008


Worried villagers living in the shadow of a proposed five-turbine wind farm near Dunton Bassett say they are determined to fight the plans. Broadview Energy was this week granted permission to build a 60m temporary data-gathering mast on land at Low Spinney Farm - and plans for the scheme are likely to be submitted in the winter. The scheme is the latest in a rash of such plans. Already in the pipeline is an 11-turbine scheme at Swinford, a single turbine at North Kilworth, and plans for several large wind farms in the Harborough area.
15 Aug 2008

Turbines will be six times size of Angel

Plans for 10 wind turbines six times the height of the Angel of the North which would be seen by thousands of motorists each day will be unveiled to the public next week. ...Peter Wood, chairman of Bishopton Parish Council and Parishes Against Wind Turbines, said people in the area have had enough. "What you are looking at is an area which is concentrated and will be blighted with these machines," he said.
4 Aug 2008

Host of new pylons to carry wind farm power

Pylons are on the march. Britain's electricity transmission and distribution companies are to announce plans for a £10 billion rewiring of Britain. A report due this autumn will warn that if Britain is serious about a low-carbon economy then it must string potentially thousands of miles of new high-voltage power cables across the country. The infrastructure is vital, experts say, because most renewable energy will be generated in remote areas such as northern Scotland or the North Sea - whereas most consumers live in southern Britain.
3 Aug 2008

Deeping St Nicholas wind farm ruling a costly blow

Her family suffered severe sleep deprivation and were forced to move out to a rented house in Spalding. She said: "This result is excellent for everybody who has had their lives devastated by noise, both audible and low frequency, from wind farms. "I think it's a very fair result and the tribunal was well aware it was being asked to make a national precedent. "This is one battle won but there's still the rest of the war to go."
29 Jul 2008

Turbine woe couple in council tax victory

A couple have won their fight to lower the council tax banding on their property, which dropped in value after wind turbines were built nearby. Julian and Jane Davis, along with their daughter Emily, had to endure endless sleepless nights after a wind farm, with turbines 100 metres high, was built less than 900 metres away from their home. In May 2007, the family abandoned their Deeping St Nicholas home and rented a property in Spalding five miles away. However, the house became un-sellable because of the problems created by the turbines.
29 Jul 2008

Blades split town

Celebrity chef Peter Russell-Clarke says the small community of Tooborac is being torn apart by plans for a 70-turbine wind farm. Mr Russell-Clarke, 73, who moved to the town of 300 near Lancefield two years ago, said locals were divided over the plan by Transfield Services. Mr Russell-Clarke, also an accomplished painter, said he had shelved plans for a community art studio in the town due to the plans. ...Northern Victoria Liberal MP Donna Petrovich, who met concerned residents last Thursday, slammed the Government's "jackboot approach" to local planning.
28 Jul 2008

Tax break for turbine case couple

A couple who say their home has been blighted by noise from a wind farm have won a 20% reduction in council tax because the house's value has dropped. ...Although investigators sent by the Lincolnshire Valuation Tribunal to measure noise levels did not find any problems, the panel conceded the construction of the windfarm "had had a significant detrimental effect on the appellants' quiet enjoyment of their properties. "The tribunal therefore found that the nuisance caused by the wind farm was real and not imagined and it would have had some effect upon the potential sale price of the appeal dwellings."
28 Jul 2008

'Wind farm monstrosities will scar the countryside'

A West peer yesterday hit out at the Government's plans to create thousands of “monstrous” wind turbines across the country, all well over twice the size of Nelson's Column. Lord Stoddart of Swindon claimed the towering turbines would be an ugly scar in both the countryside or in shallow waters off the coast while being nowhere near sufficient to cater for the nation's energy requirements. The 82-year-old Independent Labour peer said: “It is not widely realised that the Government's new proposals for the installation of 5,000 wind turbines in Britain requires them to be 400 ft high.”
26 Jul 2008

Homeowners living near windfarms see property values plummet

Thousands of homeowners may see the value of their properties plummet after a court ruled that living near a wind farm decreases house prices. In a landmark case, Jane Davis was told she will get a discount on her council tax because her £170,000 home had been rendered worthless by a turbine 1,000 yards away. The ruling is effectively an official admission that wind farms, which are accused of spoiling countryside views and producing a deafening roar, have a negative effect on house prices.
26 Jul 2008

Viewers hit by TV blackout because of wind farm

Thousands of televisions have been blacked out - by a wind farm. Householders are missing their favourite programmes because the farm's giant turbines are blocking the signal to their TVs. The blackout has hit viewers in East Kilbride. And ScottishPower yesterday admitted their £150million wind farm at Whitelee, on Eaglesham Moor, is causing the problems. It is stopping signals from the transmitter in Darvel, Ayrshire.
24 Jul 2008

Residents hand in petition against wind turbines

Residents campaigning against a planning application for three wind turbines have presented a petition to the local authority. Eileen and David Watson, and Tanya and Paul Davies, all residents of Earthcott Green, have presented a petition of more than 350 signatures, campaigning against an application to build three wind turbines in their village. ...The angry residents presented the petition to Matthew Riddle, South Gloucestershire Council's executive member for community care and housing, on Monday morning.
21 Jul 2008

Villagers dread idea of giant turbines

Families in a picturesque conservation village fear they are facing the prospect of two wind farms being developed near their peaceful rural community. People in Longhirst near Morpeth say they are horrified at the possibility of 15 giant turbines - each measuring 130 metres from base to blade tip - going up on nearby farmland. ..."A lot of people will be going to the public exhibitions, but I guess the majority will be absolutely horrified that we are faced with two wind farms and possibly 15 giant turbines.
14 Jul 2008

Noise and safety top turbine meeting agenda

At a lively meeting in which the Princes contingent were often heckled and saw one couple walk out, objections centred around increased noise and health and safety issues. Paul Jackson, general manager of the Princes plant, said the turbine would reduce the firm's energy costs. He said: "We need to be as competitive as we can in what can be a very aggressive and competitive market.
8 Jul 2008
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