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Dual deaths in wind turbine fire highlight hazards

San Diego Supervisor Dianne Jacob has voiced grave concerns over fire dangers posed by wind turbines in our backcountry, but other Supervisors ignored the fire risks, pushing through approve of the Tule Wind project as well as a County wind ordinance that opens up more rural areas for wind energy development. Yet these remote communites lack specialized firefighting forces such as the team used to ultimately quell the Netherlands wind turbine fire – and in on many days lately, have no fire station open at all, fueling growing safety concerns among residents.
31 Oct 2013

Windmill drama kills young mechanics

The windmill accident in Ooltgensplaat, where two young men died on Tuesday, is receiving a large amount of news coverage. Despite stricter safety requirements, the two engineers were trapped like rats. The two victims are 19-year-old Daan Kous and 21-year-old Arjan Kortus, are from strictly religious villages near Amersfoort. Their death has immersed the close community there in deep mourning.
31 Oct 2013

Still no verdict after port death

Investigators are still searching for answers to an accident which left one man crushed to death under a wind turbine. Engineer Per Terp, 42, from Norresundby, Denmark, died when he was trapped between a crane and part of a wind turbine at Harwich Port.
12 Feb 2013

Diver dies at wind turbine site

German news agency dapd reported the diver's death was the third deadly incident at German offshore wind farms in two years. Germany is seeking to multiply wind power generation with new offshore platforms in the North and Baltic Seas, but their construction and operation is logistically challenging.
4 May 2012

Suffolk: Wind farm worker airlifted to hospital

A Coastguard spokesman said: "The helicopter went and winched him from the top of the turbine and took him straight to Ipswich Hospital. "They had to make sure from the people that run the wind farm that the blades were in a wide position and stopped. They rotated them so they were in a safe position.
14 Nov 2011

Fatal accident in Harwich

News is coming in of an accident at the Port of Harwich in the UK, where a crane has dropped a wind turbine blade this moning. We understand from people at the scene that a 45 tonne blade root was being lifted in an H-type lifting frame by the jack up vessel Sea Jack, when the frame gave way and dropped the load onto the banksman employed by Siemens.
21 May 2010

Group produces wind turbine report

A Norfolk action group has highlighted the lack of industry regulation on wind turbines by producing its own report. Campaign group 4Villages said there is a growing danger to the public from wind turbine accidents, with an increasing number of incidents worldwide involving giant turbines catching fire, losing propeller parts or shedding lumps of ice.
27 Dec 2008

Wind turbine safety fear

If Eco2’s application is approved at a planning meeting on Tuesday, four 410ft turbines – amongst the tallest in Britain – will be built on farmland overlooking the village GAG spokesman Bob Slater claims the incident in Scotland last month raises serious safety issues. A 200ft high turbine bent in half in 50mph winds, leaving its blades on the ground. Mr Slater also cites an example in Germany when a 10-metre fragment of rotor blade was sent spinning 200 metres through the air.
6 Dec 2007

Man dies after 100ft turbine fall

A 19-year-old construction worker has been killed after falling 100ft down the shaft of a windfarm turbine. The worker, thought to be Brazilian, was inside the turbine which was under construction at the Earlsburn windfarm in Touch Hills, near Stirling. The accident happened at about 1730 BST on Tuesday.
23 May 2007

Why Did it Take So Long To Face Reality?

Tony Blair has long been known to favour a resurgence of nuclear power, and no matter how the Energy Minister Malcolm Wicks tries to spin it, that is exactly what this review is all about. Greenpeace clearly recognises it, which is why it wasted no time in staging a high-profile protest. The wind industry appears to have recognised it too. For all its attempts to show a brave face yesterday and urge the review to focus on renewables, the jitters were not hard to detect.
30 Nov 2005
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